PPAP Pikachu Version

Category: Miscellaneous | August 29, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Do you want to see a PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pikachu Version Parody video created by me? I’ve got two versions. The first one is a 2D version. It isn’t really of high quality but it does the job. It was made in a short time.

But wait... what's the fuss with Pikachu? Why Pikachu? The answer can be found toward the end of this article...

The 2nd version is 3D! In my opinion, the Pikachu in this 2nd PPAP Pikachu Parody is cuter. Have a look, and dance to the music!

A lot of people say this PPAP music video by Pikotaro is pointless. However, the point is to amuse people with silly humor. The pointlessness IS the point! I also feel that Pikotaro has good dance moves. There is even a long version of the PPAP song.

But Why is Pikachu so special?

Pikachu is a character that stood the test of time.  Pokemon was released on February 27, 1996.  Pikachu was in the game.  But he wasn't the main character.  That changed, and he was quickly recognized as the face of Pokemon.  After so many Pokemon generations, new Pokemon appearing, we still see Pikachu in exhibitions.  Everywhere!  Why??

The Pikachu character design achieved the apex of cute mascots.  Round enough to become cute and adorable.  But having the limbs to act like a quadruped or biped.  Have you noticed that a lot of Disney movies have an annoying talking creature that is supposed to be cute and adorable but ends up being forgotten?  That is because their design is inferior compared to Pikachu's.  Coupled with the yellow coating, Pikachu is easily noticeable; perfect for posters and promotional art.  That is why many generations of Pokemon come and go, but Pikachu is still the face of this series.  It's been more than 20 years!

Now you know one good reason I made this Pikachu video.  This little fella has a place in the hearts of many, and of course in the Josh Tam Universe!

PS: Pikachu even made it to Hollywood.

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