Overwatch Symmetra 1v3 Stalling the Point with Ultimate!

Category: Miscellaneous | August 26, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

This is just some random video of a random Overwatch game I randomly played.  Although I used random a lot in the previous sentence, there is really no true randomization in the Universe.  But I digress.  Overwatch is a game that portrays the Machine Kingdom, which is the rise of sentient mechanical and robotic lifeforms on Earth!

In this video, I demonstrate how I used Symmetra to stall a seemingly lost first point on Hanamura.

Here, I am using Symmetra’s wall to do the trick. Overwatch Symmetra’s wall is very good for stalling points, especially on enclosed ones such as Hanamura’s first point.

My team was losing, and 4 enemies were on the point. One Sombra left. There was a Bap and Reinhardt and Roadhog. I was on the way to the point and I thought it would be a loss point. I went anyway, used my ultimate “Jahi Baram Basta…” but I just occupied one small corner. That was important, otherwise the enemies would have been able to get behind me.

Doing so, I was able to stall the point. The enemy Sombra came back and I killed her. I killed Baptiste’s immortality UFO, and killed him, then Roadhog used his ultimate and I also killed him. All because I was hiding behind my wall barrier so they couldn’t shoot me at all, and couldn’t get behind me, but I could shoot them!

They could have tried to get behind me, but if they did, I would have damaged them because Symmetra’s beam will increase in damage over time. The Moira came too late and she killed me, but I managed to win a 1v3 against her teammates. Enough for my team to arrive and retake the point, and ultimately win the match! One Moira is no match for the entire rest of my team.

Watch the Reinhardt charge as the Bastion toward the end of the video… Really funny!!

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