Human and Alien Origins : The Book

Did the human race evolve from primordial ooze? Or did they receive assistance from extraterrestrial beings? If these alien entities actually exist, where did they come from?

The (Overt) Search for Intelligent Aliens Continues…

The thought that Earth is the lone planet of intelligent life has been opposed by many. Looking up at the sky, is the “firmament” all that is that protects our existence? Or will we discover different civilizations who are more advanced than ourselves living amongst the stars beyond…

In this Human and Alien Origins book, the search is over. The theories are centered around the knowledge that non-human lifeforms already exist. The focus is on WHO they are and WHAT they are doing. The question is HOW we know…?

We would often look to NASA and other space agencies for answers. And they would supply us with questionable imagery of the worlds they explore and the galaxies of the cosmos. Still participating in searches for “intelligent aliens”, they still don’t know for sure if life exists on other planets… or do they?

The revelations in the different bizarre theories in this book are sourced from such unconventional methods. Telepathy, Remote Viewing (used by the US government themselves), and Astral Projection methods allow the exploration of the different corners of physically unreachable locations in the Universe, because the soul is not bound to the limitations of 3D space. Their discoveries were like nothing ever published by NASA. Extraterrestrials who have lived for millions of years. Planets amongst the constellations that we see when we look up at the night sky. Alien races who have infiltrated Earth, and the agenda that they are planning…

There is already an abundance of evidence on the existence of intelligent life outside of Earth. Just not in the format that NASA and the mainstreamers “recognize”. So. What story does this evidence tell? Does it uncover the hidden information about what and who the aliens are, where they are from, how they operate, and why they are here? The answer is YES!

Ancient Aliens, Ancient Astronauts

A topic that has been debunked and ridiculed by the mainstream. Of course, you can definitely find mistakes and false claims in the series. But there is no denying the strong possibility that one or more extraterrestrial (or at least a non-human) forces have done background or even foreground manipulation during the course of human history!

Did aliens really come to Earth during ancient times to boss the inferior humans around? Or to help provide advanced technology to build the grand structures such as the pyramids? One can theorize, opine, and believe YES or NO. Based on the interpretations of observations and evidence.

However, assuming the answer is yes. Powerful Godlike ET’s arrived in their spaceships and shaped humanity since thousands or millions of years ago. Then who were these Alien Gods? Where did they come from? Why did they come to Earth? Why did they choose Earth?

I was curious to find out as well. I still am. I went on a search. And I found answers. Many different answers flooded into the Josh Tam Universe.

The Ultimate Collection of Cosmologies and Origin Theories

Human and Alien Origins is a collection of different bizarre theories that I have come across, including:

  • The core concept of alien races and the different categories of aliens.
  • The Gray Alien Phenomenon : why the grey skin big head thin body large eyes aliens are so frequently encountered…
  • Who are the Ancient Gods/Deities? (Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Hindu Gods, Egyptian Gods, etc…) Are they also extraterrestrials? Or just myths? Or real Deities?
  • The Demons and Aliens connection : Are the aliens actually demons in disguise?
  • The Anunnaki saga : Did the Anunnaki alien beings actually create the human race? And who are these Annunaki and where did they come from? Is the Zecharia Sitchin Anunnaki story accurate?
  • Theories on the structure of the cosmos : How was the Universe formed? What is outside our Universe?
  • The creation chain : If humans did not go through Darwinevolution, who created humans? And how? And most importantly, who created those creators…?
  • Reptilian Agenda : The origins of Reptilians and their mission in our Universe…


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Human and Alien Origins Book by Josh Tam Universe

If these alien entities actually exist, where did they come from? Did they also evolve in the first place? Or were they also created?? What is the grand structure of the cosmos???

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