Flying Humans That Exist Once Upon A Time

Category: Paranormal, UFO, Aliens | November 3, 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Long long ago, humans had the ability to fly. Sounds like a fairy tale. Sci Fi. Magical. But that was what I read in one of the materials that I stumbled upon. A high level Hindu Yogi was able to gain access to the Akashic records to take a look at Earth’s history, from the time it all started.

Sure enough, he uncovered a tale that was very different from what is preached by the mainstream modern Darwinian evolution story. All the creatures on Earth did not gradually evolve from primordial ooze. Microorganisms did not grow into complexly structured mammals.

Instead, it all started from the time when everything was astral. Not bound by the 5 senses used to detect the 3-dimensional physical world. Because 3D did not exist. Everything was energy and frequencies. Living conscious sentient beings were all energy beings, living in the astral world. But then the 3D materialized universe was created and expanded.

The expansion consumed more and more of the astral, forcing beings to move into it. There were stars and planets to perch on. But in order to experience everything fully, they had to have a 3D vessel to operate freely. Hence, the creation of a materialized form of the human body.

However, during that time, the human body was very different from the ones we use right now. I do not have an accurate depiction of it, but according to the texts, it is something along the lines of having just one eye on the top of the head and a very light body. There was no need to eat to gain energy. The 3D materialized universe was still light at that time (not dense and heavy), so it was easy for them to breathe to get energy. And because of the lightness of everything, they could just jump and float around. This is pretty much the ability to fly.

What happened after that? Well, the 3D universe became denser and denser. They could not jump very high anymore. There was also an ultimate disaster which caused the “light” humans to become more animalistic. That disaster was the root cause of the suffering that we get. The darkness. Egoism. Arrogance. Selfishness. Remorselessness. 7 sins. Black Magic. It was a very different world back then where there was more joy and happiness.

Then again, maybe he was wrong. Maybe other theories are more accurate. You can read more about the flying humans told by the Hindu Yogi as well as other different theories in my book Human and Alien Origins. In the book, I compiled quite a number of interesting theories on how life came into existence : not just human and animals, but also extraterrestrial entities…

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