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I enjoy doing research, investigations, and observations on various topics.  But I do not just learn the usual stuff from A to Z… I believe that identifying, learning, and mastering the lesser-known knowledge, techniques, or skills can set one apart and ahead of the competition.

This is a very high priority for anyone who wishes to thrive in a competitive environment or to push themselves and break limits. It is also very logical that in this competitive world, the default educational institutions controlled by the high echelons will hold back these vital pieces of information. They will only teach you the basics and the generics, knowing that exposing the effective secrets will threaten their status and rank.

That is why I will always be actively searching for clues from experience and trial and error to discover these effective hidden knowledge that the fewer top level players use. My discoveries have led to an increase in quality and speed of my endeavors. Some discoveries take longer than others.

The Search for Catalysts

My main focus is always to find “catalysts“. But why? What is so powerful about them? For a start, catalysts will often be the initiator or accelerator of change! They can almost always:

  • Make a drastic change, good or bad
  • Make visible progress appear!
  • Make things work
  • Speed up work, speed up processes
  • Make things worth doing
  • Increase quality almost immediately

Catalysts are often hidden and made secret. When in fact, they are of the utmost importance in a certain field or topic, but are left out by the teachers in articles, courses or videos for certain reasons.  Therefore, I could only obtain these information through self observation, testing, trial-and-error, self research and experience, and sometimes via more obscure learning material by teachers kind enough to want to share them (until their learning material disappears). There was no way to obtain catalysts through direct mainstream external information sources.

This type of learning by searching for Catalysts eventually lead me to discover or realize various high level concepts that helps a lot in improving various areas of life. I find myself to be:

  • more emotionally stable,
  • able to make better decisions (IMPORTANT),
  • able to estimate and guess why things are the way they are,
  • able to know why things work and how to get things to work
  • able to increase the quality and speed of work,
  • able to avoid falling into traps (and how to reduce losses if you fall into one)
  • and various other benefits in different categories such as spiritually, mentally, physically, etc

The Catalysts

What are these catalysts, you may wonder. They consist of and are not limited to:

  • A special method of doing things
  • A special obscure concept to adhere to when doing things
  • A certain order of doing things
  • A certain priority of selecting things
  • A certain knowledge about a topic, often not revealed
  • A contradictory piece of knowledge or method, denigrated for the purpose of concealment

The bizarre thing is that I have found that often topics that have no connection whatsoever are somewhat related!

Here are some of the catalysts that I have discovered:

  • The Middle Ground (Universal)
  • The Rainbow Theory (Universal)
  • Modularity for speed production (Art, Music and Animation)
  • Image Self Promotion (Low cost Promotion Technique)
  • The Zero Sum Yin Yang (Universal)
  • Zero Game Technique (Gaming)
  • The Dominance Theory of Existence (Universal) – a possible theory on why living things exist

Why I have to find all these secrets…

I’m not some super guru or expert. I’m not a billionaire or a millionaire or a saint or an inspirational coach or some big shot business man. I started out as just a normal average guy just like many other people. Below average, actually. But the thing is, I like to learn stuff. Deep stuff that works. Catalysts. I had to. I still have to.

An average kid would just need to get past school and find a job and work and get paid. I wasn’t able to do that after going through education just like everyone else. That’s just one example. Each job I got was bad and detrimental to me in many ways, so I had to find other ways to make money. Even when I was creating web games back in 2005-2014, I would just watch those poorly-created games get promoted to millions when my many hours of labor creating my games would pale in comparison to them. I knew I had to make that extra effort to “find” the secrets/catalysts to help me get ahead or even to get a fair fight. It’s just who I am.

Going to high school, college and University and even online, I have found out that a lot of the things taught are mostly generic (not all, fortunately). And they lack the necessary catalyst to succeed. And what’s worse, they don’t teach the necessary real-world concepts. So I thought, “Well, it is up to me to find out for myself!“.

Maybe it’s because I’m different. So I have to do different things than the orthodox person. As a result, I am now more and more different. I have no debt, successfully made a living on my own, fixed my health issues, moved out of my childhood ghetto, sponsored my sister’s education, acquired hundreds of thousands of views on my videos plus millions more on my web games, among other accomplishments.

Largely thanks to these catalysts that I have gathered.

(To be fair, I have had lots of failures as well, such as websites that didn’t take off, games that made losses, health problems, serious metaphysical miscalculations… but I can take those misfortunes as data to further my research and discoveries.)

Are you interested in acquiring the information that I have learned? You too can benefit from my findings. I would be very happy to share my secrets with you!  You can then avoid mistakes that I made, and eventually reach your goals and succeed faster!

Explore the Josh Tam Universe and dig in!

Note: From time to time, I will write more and more posts revealing the catalysts that I have discovered.

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