The human spirit or soul, as opposed to material or physical things, is and should be deemed the most precious thing. Without consciousness, our body, although also very important, would cease to function. The materialistic world we live in now refuses to accept a lot of the spiritual concept, knowledge, and presented evidence. But we will have to accept that the soul is the differentiator of man and machine.

Josh Tam Universe

Josh Tam
How did everything begin? What are the forces controlling the Earth? What is the path to success? Why are people suffering? What secrets lie within the unseen realm?

Josh Tam finds the answers and presents them in the Josh Tam Universe!

Read Human and Alien Origins!

Human and Alien Origins Book by Josh Tam Universe

If these alien entities actually exist, where did they come from? Did they also evolve in the first place? Or were they also created?? What is the grand structure of the cosmos???

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