Ancient Gods : Myths or Aliens?

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Most of us should have heard of ancient Gods such as Zeus, Apollo, Saturn, Jupiter, Ares, Ganesha, Vishnu, Odin, Ra, etc. Who are they? Are they just myths and legends created by the people of ancient times to humor themselves? Probably so. But if they really exist, who are they?

I have two takes on who the ancient Gods really are, from my readings and research; assuming they really exist and are not purely fictitious. They have magical powers and can control the land and the skies. They can fly and they are immortal. So, surely they are not human. Humans worship them instead. But if they are not human, are they extraterrestrials? Aliens?

Ancient Gods are Extraterrestrial Beings

The first possibility is that these Ancient Gods are not from Earth. They are extraterrestrials from planets orbiting around stars in distant galaxies. Well, this is just a possibility anyway. They come to Earth long ago in ancient times and they use Earth as their sandbox, creating lifeforms, humans included. They appear almighty and thus, the inferior human beings worship them as Gods.

Even on Wikipedia, there is a page dedicated to this topic, featuring the likes of Sagan, Von Daniken, Sitchin and Robert Temple. However, this theory is labelled Pseudo-scientific. Why would it not be? Anything that challenges the Draconian mainstream science is Pseudorized. Believers of this theory are Pseudohumans. An awesome denigration strategy to belittle those with contrasting ideas. But however Pseudo this might be, the possibility is there. My opinion is that we will never know until one of those Ancient God Aliens decide to appear before the whole world and declare their existence. I doubt that will ever happen. Even if it does, skeptics and mainstreamers will still shrug it off as a technological prank.

Which Alien Races are the Ancient Gods?

The Anunnaki would be a good candidate. They are said to have created the entire human race by manipulating the DNA of apes on Earth, in order to make them smart. Why? Well, they needed underlings to serve them and do the dirty work of mining gold. This story was told by Zecharia Sitchin who translated the ancient Sumerian tablets.

Later, humanity expanded and the population of homo sapiens increased. 2 Anunnaki overlords – Enki and his son Marduk – posed as Gods or Deities in front of the humans. They could easily do so with their technological prowess. They took on different names and forms in different regions: Zeus, Odin, Ra, Thoth, Quetzalcotl… The information missing from my research is the ancient God he became in the far East, namely China, Korea and Japan.

Another good candidate is a type of being called the Dark Lords : extraterrestrial beings from a location in the Universe called Alpha Theta. This was mentioned by remote-viewer Eva Draconis. They starseeded or created powerful other races or hybrids to pose as the ancient Gods.

The Dark Lords and the Anunnaki are mentioned together with other alien races in my book Human and Alien Origins.

Ancient Gods are from another Dimension

The second possibility is that these ancient Gods are beings from another dimension, or another realm. According to the ORON theory mentioned in my book Human and Alien Origins, our Universe resides in a stream of other Universes, surrounding pods of different realms. These realms are created to have a higher vibrational density, and thus, beings living there would be stronger and would live longer lives.

Occasionally, these Realm Beings would venture out of their realm and come into the Universe and visit planets such as Earth. They arrive via portals and one such portal is the hexagonal north pole of Saturn. Of course, the lesser beings in Universes would pale in comparison compared to their powerful selves. Think Superman. Not surprisingly, they get worshiped as Gods.

According to this theory, the ancient Gods from different mythologies are from different realms. Egyptian Gods realm (bird people), Olympus realm (Greek Gods), Hindu realm (Hindu Gods), and so on… You can read more on this in Human and Alien Origins.

Why Did the Ancient Aliens Come, and Why Are They Gone?

It is not difficult to figure out why they came to Earth. Earth was like their sandbox playground. They create lesser beings. Animals. Humans. Those beings would obey their command. Different alien beings came and conquered territory. They fought wars. Some won, some lost. It was like a game to them. From what I understand, they were not interested in “uplifting” humanity. At least most of them were not. They were not remorseful, and not interested in fair game. Like a lot of humans, they strove for power and dominance. Becoming the ruler of masses is just so satisfying…

But they are nowhere to be seen now. The people believe them to only be myths and legends. Modern science have rendered all this Ancient Aliens thing as bullshit. It is not hard to see why the aliens have disappeared. They may not have the technological advantage over humans of the modern era. Perhaps we have really advanced technologically to the point where it is difficult for any external extraterrestrial beings to claim lordship over us. Or perhaps they are still 100% controlling us, but only as puppet masters, working in the shadows as the Global Elite…

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