Aliens Genetically Engineered the Human Race?

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Did we all evolve on our own into what we are now?  Or did other higher beings, millions of years ago, play a role in shaping the human race?  Was the human race genetically engineered by a distant superior and more advanced alien race?  This is another article from the Josh Tam Universe!

How it Began

This idea was brought up since the revelation and translation of the Sumerian tablets. [1]  Zecharia Sitchin will be a familiar name to you if you have read or heard of stories about a Star race called the Anunnaki who came to Earth millions of years ago.  Mr. Sitchin was the translator of the Sumerian tablets that tell the tale of the Anunnaki.  They were supposedly the ones who created the human race, according to the Sumerian tablet translations by Sitchin.

Sitchin wasn’t the only one. Many other theorists come up with similar ideas. Some point out that religious texts and ancient artifacts all give clues to this possibility. [2] The possibility that the human race could very well be a race that was genetically engineered or modified in the very distant past.

How was the Genetic Engineering Carried Out?

There are a few possible answers. In this video, 3 will be presented.

1) Creation from Scratch

The human race was designed and created from scratch. Much like how the Holy Bible would say “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…”.  Here, God will be perceived as the higher alien beings. Using whatever technology they have, they would create the human biological body and start it up.

Think Frankenstein but at an almost perfect level. The created beings can then have free will and reproduce.  Now why would advanced alien races do such things? Because they can. Perhaps they want to use humans as experiments? Or as amusement. Much like playing the Sims. However, I don’t feel that this is answer is very probable. Instead, the next 2 answers are more logical.

2) Evolution Sped Up

Now whether or not evolution took place; and if it did, whether or not it happened the same way as mainstream scientists, archaeologists and evolutionists suggest, that is a heated debate that is irrelevant here.

But whatever happened, assuming there was some kind of evolution or transformation, humans were supposed to evolve from a lesser being, such as primates.

On other planets, again assuming this happened. And on Earth, this should have happened, but only after hundreds of millions of years. But.

An exploring alien race arrived on Earth and met the human prevolves. They were advanced. So they knew that these lesser beings would eventually evolve into beings of intellect.

But this advaned race was also advanced enough to be equipped with genetic engineering technology.

So they decided, why not give these primates some intelligence?

“They will not need to wait many millions of years until they can form their own civilization. They can do it right now. After we are done modifying them.”

With that, the aliens manipulated the primates’ DNA, mixed it with some of their own, and did whatever they wanted to create different types of “evolved” intelligent beings from the prevolves.

And they did so for different speculated purposes.

They maybe wanted a race of intelligent beings as workers or slaves. Because primates were still did not have the brainpower required to carry out the labor needed by the alien race. To serve them. To do chores. Or to mine minerals from Earth. Or to function as expendable soldiers.

Or maybe the advanced alien race were just benevolent? They just wanted to help the primates gain some intelligence, build cities, enjoy life, use tools, have a better time… instead of just living up in trees and remaining as animals.

Possible, but unlikely.

Instead, a more likely reason is the power that the human DNA possesses. That power is absent from most alien races, and only present in beings living in rare locations throughout the Universe, Earth being one of them.

This brings us to answer number 3.

3) The Original Humans Were Modified to be Entrapped

This is yet another theory on what happened during the Genetic Engineering process. Similar to the previous theory, the DNA was tampered with.

But it wasn’t done in the way that would cause the increase in intellect in a more primitive being. Unlike how apes are captured and genetically modified into humans.

But instead, humans with intellect were already present on Earth and they were either created or already evolved into the intelligent state.

However, the advanced alien races arrived. They were more advanced than the humans but they still didn’t have a special ability that the Earth humans had.

The sacred ability to connect with the infinite knowledge of the cosmos.

Naturally, they would capture the humans to study them and search for ways to obtain that DNA power for themselves. Regardless of whether they succeeded, they modified the original human DNA into the current one that we all have, which is full of Junk.

Doing so ensures that Earth humans will never surpass them or other alien races, and instead spend most of their time and effort fighting among themselves and satisfying their 7 sins.

Imagine if Earth humans with this special power were to advance to a point where they could pull off high level feats such as space travel, genetic engineering, teleportation and control over the non-physical worlds, the superiority of the alien races would be seriously challenged.

They had to make sure that Earth humans will never unite as one and will never wander past the moon.

Whatever new technology the humans develop would be to satisfy their own pleasures and survival needs, and not for the benefit and advancement of the human race as a whole.

This ensures that the human race will forever be a declining race.

Which Alien Race did the Genetic Engineering?

The most popular answer to this question would be either the Anunnaki or the Reptilians. I have come across sources suggesting that the Anunnaki are in fact of Reptilian descent. [3]

Again, it’s back to famous writers on this topic such as Zecharia Sitchin and Anton Parks.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, an author who claimed to have been in contact with the ancient Egyption God Thoth, also mentions in his writings about beings called Anunnaki, or Nefilim as he calls them, led by their leader Enlil, who actually created the version of man that we are today. [4]

Here are some alien races who possible did the alleged genetic engineering creating the humanity that we are today:


The Anunnaki are said to be from a planet called Nibiru. There are many takes on Nibiru. Some sources say Nibiru is actually a spaceship. An artificial planet.

While others say Nibiru is an actual planet from the Sirius C star system but it somehow got detached from its original orbit when Sirius C exploded, and then came all the way to our solar system, moving in a large orbit around our sun. [5]

As the story goes, Nibiru fell into a dire state and its inhabitants, the Anunnaki, needed massive amounts of Gold to solve this problem.

Naturally they went in search for planets with huge amounts of gold deposit, and Earth fits the description.

They came to mine the gold but found that they needed more manpower, and so they genetically engineered the primates on Earth at that time, in order to help them do the dirty work.


Another alien race that could have interfered with the natural development of the human race would be the Reptilians.

The Reptilians are an alien race that are sauroid bipedal creatures, like human beings, but they are in fact reptiles, with reptilian features.

Snake eyes, fork tongue, scales, and so on.

From my findings, these Reptilian beings may come from different planets, different galaxies or even entirely different dimensions.

This is because, I have found that there are numerous types of Reptilians reported. And there might even be a Reptilian race native to Earth!

In a lot of religious and historical ancient texts, there are depictions of Reptilian Gods and half-man-half-snake creatures. Serpent men.

Are these all fairy tale used to entertain the people of ancient civilizations? Or are they true accounts that Reptilian beings really existed in the past and acted as Gods, having power to control and shape humanity at that time?

There is also a possibility that the Anunnaki themselves are Reptilians. They are very advanced, and could shapeshift.

Which means, they can take on the form of tall gigantic human beings with beards when they appear in front of the native inhabitants of Earth.

Gray Aliens

The Gray Aliens also could have been another race that had manipulated the human DNA and have done genetic engineering on humans. But I feel that this is a more distant possibility.

The Gray Aliens are one of the base races of the 3 main base races of the Universe, according to the base alien races theory.

In a nutshell, the base alien races theory states that there are 3 main types of races of beings in the Universe that we live in.

There are the humanoid races, such as us humans and other human-looking aliens such as the Pleiadeans and Tall Whites.

And then there are the sauroids, who are the Reptilians.

The third race is the engineered race that can include all the robotic and mechanical types of alien races that seemingly have no character, and just function as workers or machines.

They exist because they were created at one time by other alien races as workers or slaves.

The Grays are under this category. They have a mix of Reptilian, humanoid, and even insect characteristics but they are built to be bipedal with extremely high intelligence in order to carry out complex tasks, but they lack creativity and personality.

They also unfortunately lack the ability to reproduce, hence the need to use artificial reproduction methods such as cloning.

So it is not very probable that the Grays were the instigators of any genetic engineering done to the human race.

However, they could have existed during that time and could have participated in the activity, taking orders from THEIR creators.


To conclude, the idea that the human race was genetically engineered by aliens or other higher and more advanced beings isn’t preposterous at all to the open mind.

Given the numerous discoveries and accounts from ancient sources, the possibility definitely exists.

Whether or not this REALLY happened, we do not know… yet.


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[2] von Däniken, Erich; Chariots of the Gods?; “Chapter 6: Ancient Imagination and Legends or Ancient Facts?”; 1968.

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