Aliens Control Humanity By Creating Problems?

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It is not very difficult to control humanity. Humans like you and me are not part of the “higher ranks”. You know, the rulers of the world, high up on the pyramid hierarchy on Earth. They create the most problems for everyone. This is one very possible and effective way they can gain control.

Who are they? To give you an idea… There is a diagram detailing the echelons of who is above who, and you can run a google image search on it. Just search for “Global Elite Hierarchy”. There are some versions with Satan on top. You may stumble upon “Illuminati” stuff. (More on these Elite forces later)

But you get the idea. Maybe the diagrams are not accurate. Maybe the Illuminati stuff is off. But this whole world’s power distribution is structured this way. Even in large companies, and even smaller companies, there is a boss and a few inner circle members, and then the rest of the managers, and then the dirt workers down below. And the top will definitely have to exert control over the bottom.

An article by Josh Tam Universe.

How do a Top Few Control the Whole World??

But there are tons of humans. Millions. Billions. Surely it is hard to control them? Maybe not. However diverse humans are, however unique each individual is, it is not difficult at all to find a common denominator. Each human will have the same basic needs and will have more or less the same body structure. At least the default human. There are some food that most humans eat, and there will be some languages that most humans speak. Some types of clothes that most humans wear. That’s where you can gain control.

But most importantly, you have to know that resources are what makes things move and what makes an entity grow and move forward. That is the exact target of the controllers of humanity. People have limited resources. At least the normal people.

Two of the most important resources are “time” and “space”. The Earth is not getting bigger every year. So, there is no new land to conquer. If you want your own space, you have to rent or buy your own. Just like that, you will have loans and mortgages to pay. What about time? At least this is the resource that is standardized across every living thing on Earth. We all have 24 hours a day, right? It’s a fair game then? Not really…

Some people seem to have less time compared to others, who are able to do so many things in a day, or have so many things accomplished in a year. I have wondered about this myself. And I actually got the answer. It is actually possible to get more than 24 hours a day. It is not difficult to have 240 hours day. You just need to buy or steal someone else’s time. You just need to think of it not as raw time but as accomplishments using the time. How many cakes can you bake in a day? 3? OK, if you have 10 days, you can bake 30 cakes, right? So if you have 9 workers and yourself baking cakes, it would be the same as having 10 times the hours in a day since you can accomplish 10 days of work in a day (10×3=30 cakes). This is also the reason why workers are “selling their time”.

Creating Problems for You = Wasting Your Time

But here’s where the problem creation part comes in. These elites know that time is very precious. Time is money, since you can sell your time. So, you can tell that time is a factor common to everyone. If you can control this, you can control them. These conquerors do their best to either buy or steal your time, and waste the time they cannot obtain. The wasting time part is the problem-creation part. Problems take time to solve. If you have a problem, you either solve it yourself, or find someone to solve it. The solution of the problem may even create problems for other things.

The Illuminati, or Freemasons, or Anunnaki, or Reptilians, whatever you want to call them. Or even the high-ranking human officials, if you choose not to believe in the fancier dark factions above, are actively using this technique. They are rich beyond their dreams and they control a huge majority. They don’t seem to get into trouble for what they do. Instead, anyone who opposes them by trying to expose their tyranny will get into trouble. The only time they will get taken down is when someone from an even higher echelon decides that another more fitting replacement should replace them. But to the dismay of the people, things will be just a little better, or just as bad, or even worse.

Technology is getting more and more advanced. But do you feel that life is easier? Perhaps. But do you feel that you have more time? I for one don’t. Almost all the people I meet tell me that times are bad, they have no time, they need to work long hours, they are busy, etc. What gives? We are so advanced to the point that all those sci fi gadgets in the 90’s TV shows and cartoons pale in comparison. We have powerful computers inside our pockets. VR games. Washing machines. On-demand TV. High-tech vehicles. Aren’t we supposed to live better lives? One can argue that life is definitely better in the sense that we have “modern” and technologically “magical” things. But life is not easier in spite of them. Or rather because of them. All these technological advancements are designed to be very convenient, but also to create their own problems.

Just do a Google search on a list of problems that Windows 10, or even Windows 8 causes. What about android phones? Apple phones? Updates? Just an easy example: If I wanted to play a handheld game in 1995 (tetris), I can just pick up that device, switch it on, and play it. Now, if I want to do the same, I need to download the app on Google Play. For that, I’ll need to have Internet access (either mobile data or wifi). I may even need to download updates for Google Play. After downloading it, then, I can run the game and play it. Still, up to this point, the app may freeze halfway or fail to run. If it runs, an annoying ad may pop up. But… sure the game will have better graphics than the old LED black and white tetris. But is that alone worth the time I’d need to spend just to play tetris? Maybe tetris is not such a good example. Then, what about other games? Levels pack games where you get ads after each level or when you game over? Watch ads just to get extra lives? In-app purchases? The game experience is poor to the point that the pretty Ultra HD graphics amounts to nothing. But for that I would need to go through all the trouble to set the game up.

Oh… maybe these problems are just the side effect of advanced technology but the big companies can create a better “setup” experience for the user, but why would they? By having these problems, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, in fact. If you say they may lose reputation, you are correct, but if they are monopolizing the whole market, reputation is irrelevant. When it is not about company A vs company B, and instead about provider vs consumer, the provider can do anything they want. Keep you annoyed, waste your time, take some of the blame, shift the blame back to you for not following “instructions”, redirect you to updates, poor customer support, etc… All this while other customers are buying from them. A group of super annoyed ex-fanboys decide to boycott them. Sure. After 2 months of using other brands and finding that their alternative products have become inferior due to not having the level or resources as the sole big company, the former brand makes grandiose releases of a shiny new product with 25 magical features, putting their wannabe competitors to shame. And thus, the ex-fanboys will be forced to switch back.

The same happened when aliens provided technology to human governments. The high-tech aircraft would all still use jet propulsion technology which is based on combustion and a lot inferior to the anti-gravity engines that saucer or cigar ships use. Holding back the good stuff will leave the receiver having to depend on you.

If the technology providers provide devices and appliances that will make your entire life easier, you will not need to depend on them. But if it just makes one aspect of your life easier but makes 2 or more other aspects more difficult, you will need them more!! A very subtle and powerful way to force the masses under their control… The Global Elite controlling the mega corps providing the indispensable services use this hero syndrome technique. The unknowing masses will spend their hard-earned money to buy and use their products, get hit with problems that require lengthy solutions, and when their support actually provides support courteously and actually solves the problem, these mega corps will actually earn their gratitude!

Who are these Global Elite?

The guys behind the rulers of the world. The council of individuals pulling the strings of the CEO’s and chairmen and presidents of the mega corporations providing these “human common denominator services”. Who are they? Gray aliens? Reptilians? Martians? Just plain humans?

I do not claim to know for sure. But the possibility is high that they are either Anunnaki or the Negative Alien Alliance (NAA). Maybe they are just humans.  It's also possible. I have written about them in my book Human and Alien Origins. Anunnaki and the NAA are extraterrestrial forces that are said to have been influencing the population of the world. These entities have been in control of Earth for thousands or maybe even millions of years. At first, they manifest to the human population as Gods. Now that mankind is not as gullible, they have to use different tactics, working in the shadows. They will take on human form so that no one will suspect at all that they are not human. The true identity and origins of the Anunnaki have been debated by many. Some say that they are humanoid. Others say they are reptilian. The NAA on the other hand, are also as brutal. They consist mostly of reptilians, gray aliens, Dinosauroids and even Dark Lords. They work mostly using “dark” methods to achieve their goals.

There is also a slim chance that these beings don’t exist at all. And the Global Elite are just humans. Perhaps so. But if that is the case, it is still equally important to be careful at all times of the controlling techniques that they use. They are expert manipulators, and sometimes there is no escape when you get hit. Minimizing the frequency of getting hit and the damage they do to you is always a good thing.

How do you do that? You just need to identify these controllers and plan ahead. Again, I’d like to use the smartphone example. How many people get hooked on their phones everyday? They use services such as GMail, Drive, Docs, whatever apps they download… Beware of services or products that are provided by huge rich corporations for free. Most free stuff have the toughest strings attached. You will need to make sure you do not personalize them. Do not 100% throw your eggs in one basket. Sign up to different email services, spread out your information. Use pseudonyms on your smartphone, etc…

So, the World is run by Evil then?

I would not say evil, because it’s all based on perspective. To some “successful” people, they see this world as a game. Either you win or you lose. A lot of the time, winning is done via creating dilemmas for your opponents. In Chess, Go, Reversi, and any other competitive games, it is the same. If you play chess with someone, and they keep taking your pieces, it’s like they are bullying you. Sounds evil, right? But it is just a game.

Yeah, they use the same thinking in the real world. They take your money but they provide subpar products and services. They renege on their promises. You get frustrated. You complain, but they are defended by an army of lawyers. So, they are untouchable. Their money-making methods remain lawful, though unethical. They build up their resources and create a very stable foundation. Very hard for anyone to try and unearth them. With that, they can create sophisticated brainwashing marketing and manage to gather an army of die-hard fans to support them, thinking that they are 100% ethical. But all that is not at all “evil” to them, because it makes sense that anyone can do the same, just that there are those that choose not to and it is their “loss”. It’s just “strategy”.

You can check out all the “positive thinking”, “law of attraction”, “make money” seminars. The so-called Gurus are all preying on the students. I’ve been to several of them myself. There is no honest get rich quick method. They will either teach you to be a predator or to join forces with predators, who are tied to either the Global Elite or the National Elite. I have found so far that there is no escape from the power pyramid. These guys will just teach you to move higher up to the summit, using strategies with less ethics. And these ethics involve the creation of problems to create dilemmas that you can benefit from. They teach you that the poor people have “poor mentality”. But they will never fail to leave out the fact that all their riches are obtained from the said poor folks one way or another. Without the poor people that they denigrate to hell, they will never be as rich and powerful as they are.


Creating problems is one of the best ways to control people. The aliens, extraterrestrials and Global Elite (The ones you can read more about in Human and Alien Origins) will introduce technology and laws claimed to benefit humanity which comes with a list of problems or “side effects”. This creates a dilemma situation where you will either have to spend resources to solve those unnecessary problems, thus setting you back; or live with them and fall behind. By designing misleading and brainwashing marketing campaigns, they can artificially enhance their reputation, making sure the complainers get drowned out. This way, they will always stay on top and be in control of the world…

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