Blender 3D Tips, Reference, Cheatsheet

A long list of Blender 3D techniques, shortcuts and methods I found from my own studies. But I still think this is just the surface of what this software can do.

Flying Humans That Exist Once Upon A Time

Long long ago, humans had the ability to fly. Sounds like a fairy tale. Sci Fi. Magical. But that was what I read in one of the materials that I stumbled upon.

Ancient Gods : Myths or Aliens?

They have magical powers and can control the land and the skies. They can fly and they are immortal. So, surely they are not human. Humans worship them instead. But if they are not human, are they extraterrestrials? Aliens?

Aliens Control Humanity By Creating Problems?

When people get problems, they will be stuck. The provider of the solution becomes the king. This is the game that the aliens or elites are playing with humanity!!

Aliens Genetically Engineered the Human Race?

Did we all evolve on our own into what we are now? Or did other higher beings, millions of years ago, play a role in shaping the human race? Was the human race genetically engineered by a distant superior and more advanced alien race?

PPAP Pikachu Version

Do you want to see a PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pikachu Version Parody video created by me? And what's the hidden captivating factor behind the Pikachu character?

Overwatch Symmetra 1v3 Stalling the Point with Ultimate!

Overwatch is a game that portrays the Machine Kingdom, which is the rise of sentient mechanical and robotic lifeforms on Earth! In this video, I demonstrate how I used Symmetra to stall a seemingly lost first point on Hanamura.

Overwatch Blizzard App Network Error Solved

Overwatch download nearly completed. And then there was an exclamation mark that said Network Error. I tried lots of tricks such as disabling the Windows Firewall, restarting my computer, reconnecting my Internet. Nothing worked. What did I do?

Josh Tam Universe

Josh Tam
How did everything begin? What are the forces controlling the Earth? What is the path to success? Why are people suffering? What secrets lie within the unseen realm?

Josh Tam finds the answers and presents them in the Josh Tam Universe!

Read Human and Alien Origins!

Human and Alien Origins Book by Josh Tam Universe

If these alien entities actually exist, where did they come from? Did they also evolve in the first place? Or were they also created?? What is the grand structure of the cosmos???

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