Windows 8.1 Hibernate Problem Solved

Windows 8.1 Hibernate Problem Solved

While doing some alien research and multimedia, I ran into a problem with my computer running Windows 8.1. The Hibernate crash black screen problem. I set the power button on my CPU to always hibernate the computer, and I seldom shut down my computer. I always just hit the button and it would hibernate and when I come back, I would hit the button again and continue where I left off.

Windows 8.1 Hibernate Problem Solved

Then I encountered a strange problem. When I hit hibernate, it won't hibernate. The screen would go black. But the lights on the CPU won't go off. I figured maybe it crashed. So I hit the restart button. The next time, it happened again. Coincidence? I decided to try to wait it out. After like 10 minutes of waiting, after I hit the power button, the lights went out, so I thought, "Yeah, maybe this time it is going to take longer to hibernate..." When I tried to wake it up from hibernation, it would give me a black screen. If I waited it out, it would automatically reboot.

I searched for a solution and my sister helped me search too. We found out stuff about Bios updates, changing power plans, display drivers... We searched in lots of forums. I even had a good mind to just reformat my windows, thinking it might have been hit by some kind of virus or malware, or it's just too bloated or disorganized or whatever. But I thought back. Whenever something which has been working for a very long time starts acting up and causing problems, think of a recent change that was made to it. What did I do recently? More importantly, what new software did I install?

I installed a trial version of Netbalancer to test it out. During installation there were some errors but then the software installed successfully. Not sure if this was the culprit. Unlikely. But what the hell. I decided to uninstall it. And restarted my computer, and once it booted up, I hit the power button to hibernate and voila!! Back to normal. After a while, I woke it up. And went back to work, typing this article right here! No more hibernation problems.

What I learned from this: if something's wrong with the computer, just try to undo the changes you made to it even though those changes don't seem related. Before you go to get a full repair or reformat. Software installations may conflict with the computer. I am not saying Netbalancer is not a good program, but sometimes program installations may conflict with system files that perform critical functions. Not sure how but in my case, I found it to be the culprit. Netbalancer installation caused my computer to crash when I hibernate it. Problem solved for me! Not sure if this is your case, if you are having the same problem. Also not sure if this can solve similar problems on different operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 11, Windows 12...
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