The Tall White Indugutk Aliens

The Tall White Indugutk Aliens

Tall White Indugutk Aliens - Animated Tall White Alien Documentary. Some say that they have ruled the United States of America.

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Some say that they are actually the Men in Black. And some say that they have bases on the moon, mining minerals. Learn more about the Tall Whites in this episode of Aliencyclopedia!

Every Tall White adult has a pencil weapon that can stun, kill, punish, immobilize or hypnotize humans. Whether they are good or evil remains unknown to the general population. Charles Hall is a man who has the most accounts of the Tall Whites. Some say they are Pleiadeans, some say they are Sirians, Annunaki and even a species of Gray Aliens. But lots of clues point to the notion that they are actually a sinister race called Indugutk. But the actual details of the agendas are unknown. These aliens maybe involved in conspiracies with top world leaders, with World Domination as their primary objective.
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