Recently I encountered the SVCHOST.EXE NETSVCS Taking up Memory problem. I went to Resmon (Resource Monitor) to see what was taking up my RAM. And I found svchost. Normally it would be Chrome or Firefox or some application software that I am using. But no. This time it is svchost.exe (netsvcs). What the hell is that?

Some possible solutions included disabling some windows services and scanning for viruses (which I did). Didn't work. What worked for me?

I uninstalled a program that I just installed called "Neon Wallet". It is a wallet for a China crytocurrency called NEO. Something like Bitcoin. I didn't buy any Neo, so I uninstalled Neon Wallet, restarted my computer, and voila. No more svchost.exe (netsvcs).

The method I used to solve this problem was simple. I thought back to the time before I encountered this problem. And then, I tried to remember if I installed any new programs since then. I actually couldn't remember, so I went to the Uninstall/Remove programs section in the Control Panel and sorted them by date and I found Neon! Uninstalled it, problem solved. Worked for me.

If you are facing this problem, you probably have installed some software that uses a hell lot of svchost.exe or you have some malware or virus that is hogging it. Chances are you are having software. If you didn't install anything, it probably installed itself but if that is the case, it still can be found in the Uninstall/Remove programs section. Check there!

I can't guarantee what I did can solve your problem if you are also facing it, but it sure worked for me! Good luck...
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SVCHOST.EXE NETSVCS Taking up Memory! Comments

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