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Rough Hand-drawn Art

Rough Hand-drawn Art

Welcome to Josh Tam's hand-drawn art section! Art work drawn using pen and paper and digitized using a scanner. Back around 2008 to 2011, I did some rough sketches and hand-drawn art and comics in my spare time. Later on, I have found that digital art techniques seem to be faster, more usable and more versatile compared to hand-drawn art. But still, I use hand-drawn art to create rough drawings, approximations and idea visualizations. Because of this, I do not spend a lot of time drawing them.

Typically, I will not care much about having a good detailed quality when doing such artwork, unless, I am commissioned for the work, or I would like to somehow convert the work to a final product. Therefore, I would normally spend less than 15 minutes from start to finish, drawing something out on paper. I have developed ways and techniques to make hand-drawn art look better without a lot of effort put into it.

Looking back though, a lot of the old artwork are quite rough and I would say I have improved since. But still considering the small amount of time spent on each piece, they ain't that bad! Feel free to browse through my hand-drawn art gallery and also my other works!
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