Resizing Multiple Pictures in Microsoft Word

Resizing Multiple Pictures in Microsoft Word

I wanted to print multiple pictures using Microsoft Word. But open dragging and dropping the picture files into Microsoft Word, I found that all of them were too big, so I had to resize them. But then I could not multiple-select those pictures to resize them at once. Shift-click or control-click did not work. So I had to resize them one by one.

But no! I thought to myself, "I will NOT lose to Microsoft Office! After digging through the Internet and Google, I found solutions like using macros, creating box shapes and inserting the pictures in, using an external graphics-editing software to bulk-resize and using the repeat button. Most of the solutions above either did not work, or did not work on the Word version I was using (2007) or was not feasible. I wanted to resize the pictures FAST!

In the end, did I find the solution? You betcha. First, I opened Microsoft Excel 2007. I used Import to get all the pictures into the spreadsheet and by default, all pictures would be selected! Then I resized them ALL AT ONCE in Excel. When I was comfortable with the size, I used Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V in MS Word. Voila! And sometimes I found that the size was still not right. So I just hit undo in Word to remove all pictures, went back to Excel to resize more and then copied and pasted the pictures to Word again.
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