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Randy Orton Speed Art

Randy Orton Speed Art

Randy Orton (Randall Keith Orton) is also known as The Viper, The Face of the WWE, Legend Killer. He is a WWE Wrestler and multi-time World Champion. Very vicious in the ring. He is the son of The Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. Not Cowboy Bebop.

At first, he was with Evolution, becoming the Legend Killer. Then he broke out and was part of a tag team called Rated RKO. Next, he led the team called Legacy and then Randy Orton joined up with Triple H to become part of the Authority.

He was a heel and disliked by a lot of people. But after Cena got a lot of heat, people seem to like Randy more than Cena...

Special Movies:

RKO, The Punt, Rope Drape DDT, Inverted Headlock Neckbreaker
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