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PPAP Pikachu Version

PPAP Pikachu Version

Do you want to see a PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pikachu Version Parody video created by me? I've got two versions. The first one is a 2D version. It isn't really of high quality but it does the job. It was made in a short time.
The 2nd version is 3D! In my opinion, the Pikachu in this 2nd PPAP Pikachu Parody is cuter. Have a look, and dance to the music!
A lot of people say this PPAP music video by Pikotaro is pointless. However, the point it to amuse people with silly humor. The pointlessness IS the point! I also feel that Pikotaro has good dance moves. There is even a long version of the PPAP song.
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