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Hi! Josh Tam here. These are the freelance services that I offer:

Art ____________________
I have been drawing pictures since I was around 2 years old. My parents, family, teachers and friends have said that I have a natural artistic skill. My art services include:

- Illustrations, Cartoons, Manga and Anime
- Portraits
- Comics
- Vector Art
- Game and animation graphics
- Logo Design (2D and 3D)
- 3D modeling for inorganic objects
- 3D-rendered graphics and pictures

Multimedia ___________________
I am heavily involved in Multimedia work which includes mostly flash games, flash animations and flash applications. Currently my multimedia services include:

- flash casual games
- flash animation
- flash applications
- short video clips

Music ____________________
I also provide music-related services. I am able to arrange music for various purposes in several different genres. My music services are:
- soundtrack for a game
- soundtrack for a movie
- theme song
- muzak for an event
- any other reason where you cannot use copyrighted music and need custom-made music

How I deliver _____________________
The uniqueness of my services is the ability to deliver a product (art/multimedia/music) with the requested quality:

Higher Quality
Some people may require detailed work of high quality with a lot of time or/and budget to spare.

Higher Speed
Some may need work done fast, and can either pay a higher price or allow for a longer period of working time.

Cost Effective
Others may want to have the work done cheaply, and can compromise either quality or allow a longer period of working time.

Whatever your needs, my pricing, effort and speed are always flexible in order to match the type of product that you require and your budget. I will always try my best to fulfill your requests.

Please feel free to browse around and navigate using the links in the navigation menu. If you need to ask me anything or hire me for a task, please go to the Contact page to view the available contact options!

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