My Good God Dolls Collection

My Good God Dolls Collection

After many many tries on various Gachapons, I finally managed to grab all 6 designs of the Good God Dolls! The dolls are actually imitations from a real Good God Dolls Series from Taiwan or China. The originals had more than 6 designs, but this imitation set has only 6 designs and I collected them all.
Good God Dolls

The 6 designs are:

Good God Dolls Hei Mian Ma Chu Scholar
Hei Mian Ma Chu - aka Black-faced Scholar. I actually got 2 of them and one of them had a white face instead!

Good God Dolls Chi Gong Monk
Chi Gong - aka Monk. He wears a blue and tattered costume.

Good God Dolls Tu Di Po Lady of the Ground
Tu Di Po - aka Old Lady of the Ground. Her hair is white but I put some color on the rest of them.

Good God Dolls Choisan God of Wealth
ChoiSan - aka God of Wealth. I got 5 of them. I like Choi san the most. They are supposed to bring me a fortune.

Good God Dolls Bao Shen Da Di The Emperor of Good Health
Bao Shen Da Di - aka the Emperor of Good Health. He wears a hat that has blinds covering his eyes...

Good God Dolls Buddha
Buddha - I had a lot of trouble getting this one. But the trouble is worth it. In my opinion, this doll is the cutest!

Alright, all the dolls together:
Good God Dolls
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