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This category is all about music created by me, Josh Tam. That's right. My portfolio consists of music too. I compose game music, background music and songs of various genres.

I actually learned music-composing the hard way. I never studied music in college or anything. I learned everything on my own. At first I was composing boring music, and then I played it back, didn't like it, and went on a journey to find out how to make it better. Once it got better, I repeat the process.

I learned many things including chords, music styles, some music theories, musical concepts, digital music, mixing, mastering... Since I have no formal music education, I still deem my skills to be far below anyone who does. But in the end, after my personal music studies and experiments, I managed to produce music that I was satisfied with. Mostly digital music. You can listen to the music that I have made here. Enjoy!
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