Multiplayer Online Games

I am somewhat a fan of multiplayer online games. Multiplayer games are games that make the user play, interact and compete with other users online. This kind of games bring out the awesomeness in the players and sometimes the bad behavior.

There are lots of multiplayer game genres, but the most popular ones are strategy (DoTA, Warcraft, Starcraft, Red Alert), action (Counter-strike, Medal of Honor, Halo...). There are certain fighting games as well but RPG multiplayer games are getting really popular as well. But since RPG multiplayer games involve more character-building compared to skill and strategy, bots are designed to automatically play those games while the users are away. Some people see this as cheating but still, others continue doing this.

Board games, on the other hand, are somewhat popular as well. This is because they are casual and require less commitment. Multiplayer board games like chess, poker, backgammon, reversi, checkers... can be found everywhere from Yahoo Games to unknown websites. But still, it is easy to cheat.

What multiplayer game are you playing right now?
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