Josh Tam Official Site New Version 2015

Josh Tam Official Site New Version 2015

It is October 2015 and I just revamped my website to make it responsive with a cleaner design! So if you view from a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, galaxy tab, Sony Xperia, HTC, Lenovo, Acer, bla bla bla, the site will resize so that you do not have to scroll sidewards or zoom in. I dropped a lot of skeuomorphism but I still preserved some, like the social media orbs! Anyways, i have also updated my site with the more recent art that I did, like some 3D renders, the Aliencyclopedia series and the Oppa Caishen Dao music video.

You can easily access a lot of my content, and I also added a sitemap for convenience, in case you want to browse my whole site to see everything that I have. I added tags at the site and made the design white and gray. And NO, I am not using wordpress at all. The index frontpage of the site is totally different from the inner content pages. I am also thinking of transferring my whole Paranormal Collection sub site to the main domain using a new sub category.

To conclude, I thank you for visiting my site and I hope you have an enjoyable experience!
Josh Tam Responsive Website Design
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