Ito En Kaleidoscopes

Ito En Kaleidoscopes

What do you think? Yes my sister did it. She collected all 8 Ito En Kaleidoscopes! Those little toys are quite rare. They can be found at MSN Auction and Ebay but she found them in local stores around where we live. But they were sold in those luck-based capsule-vending machines (Gachapon) and she had to spend lots of cash and ended up with lots of capsules. She got funny dolls and lots of other Ito En Kaleidoscopes that she already got. But in the end, after many trials and money spent, she got all 8 different Ito En designs.

They are just beautiful. If you do not know what a Kaleidoscope is, well, it is like a telescope, with a hole for you to peep into. But instead of lenses, there are 3 mirrors arranged together in a triangle, and colorfully designed beads are placed at the bottom. So the mirrors reflect the colorful beads, letting you see symmetrical patterns.

Now let me go have a look into the Kaleidoscopes again... hehe...
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