Inhabitants Manga

Inhabitants Manga

The Inhabitants is actually a pilot manga that I recently drew. Horror genre. Strange deaths start occuring and then the protagonist finds out the truth about them, including the hauntings. You can read it here:

Using, the Inhabitants, I was experimenting on a manga-drawing style that is fast and still of reasonable quality. The properties of this style are:

- can be drawn fast
- drawn only using one pen. No other tools such as rulers, pencils, shaders and multiple inking pens used. However, the use of such equipment can also be incorporated in this style, and may increase quality, but will reduce speed
- quality is not so high. As you can see, the backgrounds are not fully-detailed like what you can see in mainstream manga and comics
- everything is hand-drawn
- text is handwritten
- digital software is used for touchups
- digital software is not used in any part of the drawing.
- no pre-sketching. Most manga are sketched first, and then carefully drawn and then inked. There is some kind of process. But this style skips all that and goes straight to drawing the final work and therefore, fast.

Why did I develop this manga-drawing style? Several reasons:

- Speed: beautiful manga is good to read but hard to produce. Will take a long time. And based on my observation and research, most manga readers focus on the story conveyed by the manga and not the artwork. Therefore, this style focuses on delivering the artwork quality that is just enough to effectively present the story.
- Cost-effectiveness: To draw beautiful manga, lots of tools are needed. A lot of time is also needed. To solve this problem, a manga-production crew is hired. But with my style, I trade some part of the artwork quality to eliminate the need of all that. This means, reduced work time, reduced tools, no crew.
- Ease: very easy. I just need to have the script, paper, pen and a hard board with me and I can go anywhere and draw my manga.

To give you some idea of the speed of this manga-drawing style, let me give you a comparison. Guys like Kubo Tite, the guy who is drawing Bleach, together with his production team, takes 1 week to produce 19 pages of manga, which is 1 chapter. And those 19 pages don't convey much of the whole story. My friends finish reading 1 chapter in like 5 minutes? Sometimes 7 or 9 if there is more text. One week of hard work for 5 minutes ain't feasible. At least not for indy artists like me with no crew, money or time. But all indy artists have a buttload of stories to tell, so we need to draw fast. Really fast. So that we can tell our stories to the world without crew/money/lots of time. With my method, I drew 1 page in 15-20 minutes. Let's slay I slack a bit and I take 30 minutes max. So 1 hour = 2 pages. 2 hours a day, for 1 week = 14 hours = 28 pages! And I still have time to go to school/work bla bla. If you spend even more time on it, wow, you will have a lot in a week.

Then what about trying to get into magazines that publish manga? OK, you will need high quality stuff to hit those. But still, the competition is really great and even with a lot of effort, chances are super slim and your story will not be told, you get disappointed and your efforts are wasted. So, this method will not work well if you want to be the next Kubo Tite or something. This method is for those who wanna tell the story to the world fast! To draw out what is in your brain in the shortest amount of time possible and upload your work to picasa, imageshack, deviantart, youtube... whatever.

So, without further ado,!

FYI, I am not sure whether or not to continue this manga. I have the full script of the story though. If you think I should, you can contact me so I know someone still want to read the continuation. Probably not gonna continue it since I will be working on other manga concerning robots and supernatural stuff.
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