Importance of Storyboarding

Having a storyboard is crucial in determining the success and quality of your movie. What is a storyboard? Simply put, it is a sequence of images that tell what the scenes that your movie will go through. Your movie flow will follow what the storyboard depicts.

Why is a storyboard important?

1. Clarity during development
By having a storyboard, the production team will be clear of what is expected of them and they will have a clear overall picture of what the whole movie will look like.

2. Improved movie quality
A movie will be enjoyable when the camera angles are correct. That is when the zooming fits in nicely and the characters are properly portrayed. This is integral also for animation productions. So when all this is shown on the storyboard and errors are corrected, the final movie will be more enjoyable to the audience.

3. Cost reduction
Without a proper storyboard, the whole scene of a movie needs to be redone when it is deemed unsatisfactory. But with a storyboard, the scenes are laid out on paper and unsatisfactory ones can be redrawn using a new storyboard even before the movie goes into production. This saves time and resources.

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