How to Convert HTML table to Microsoft Word

Converting HTML tables from a webpage to Microsoft Word format ain''t so hard. Do you know how? But at first, I had no idea. I just copied everything and pasted it into Microsoft Word and... it came out as plain text with tabs. No, that was not what I wanted. I wanted it in table form, with borders and all.

I started digging around the Internet to search for a solution. I came across sites that say something like editing the Microsoft Word programming Visual crap bla bla and stuff I could not understand. Actually I probably could but it would take some time but I needed the tables inside Word immediately.

That led me to my solution. First, select the tables on the webpage. Then open Microsoft Excel and paste. You will get the data neatly there. Then copy the data from Microsoft Excel and paste it into Word and BAM! You got your tables! Just create borders and you are done.
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