How To Backup Youtube Video Descriptions

How To Backup Youtube Video Descriptions

How To Backup Youtube Video Descriptions? I will get straight to the point and put in all the crap other stuff later. You will need this URL:[playlistIDHere]&key=[YoutubeAPIToken]&maxResults=50

You will need to obtain your own [playlistIDHere] and [YoutubeAPIToken] and insert those into that URL and run it. How do you get those? Read on...

[playlistIDHere] = the playlist ID that you will need to save. To find it, just browse your playlists and you should see something like:
The blablablabla part would be the playlist ID. Yes, this method is for you to extract all the descriptions and title of the videos of a playlist. Therefore, you can sort of backup your youtube channel's descriptions data. So, if you would like to retrieve data from your whole channel, you would need to find your "Uploads" playlist. You can find that by going to your channel homepage and clicking on "Play All" at the Uploads panel. You will be taken to one of your videos and notice that in the URL there is a list=blablabla like this:
THAT would be your "Uploads" playlist ID.

[YoutubeAPIToken] = this is the hard part. You have to get it by following the steps in this Google Developers Documentation Page. A "Browser Key" would be sufficient. You don't need a server key or Android key or iOS key. That key will be used as the YoutubeAPIToken part.

Once you've got everything, just run the URL and you should get a plain text file (json actually. See example below) of the data of 50 of your videos. Titles and Descriptions included. Just Ctrl+S to save the file to your computer! Maximum number of videos you can save is 50. Above that, you would have to look out for a "Next Page Token" around the top part of the output file. See example below

Backup Youtube Video Descriptions Example

That page token would enable you to "flip" to the next page, which would contain the data of your next 50 videos. Copy that token and add it to the URL like this:[playlistIDHere]&key=[YoutubeAPIToken]&maxResults=50&pageToken=[pageToken]

And there you have it! Remember, the limitations of this technique:
  • Not sure if it will work forever. Google may change their settings and system
  • Can only output 50 videos at once
  • Unlisted and Private videos will not be exported
  • Besides Titles and Descriptions, other data are not saved (Tags, Annotations, etc...)
But still, that is better than having to go to every single video to copy and paste and save the descriptions, one-by-one! Why do we need to do this? Well, Google says in their Terms and Conditions that they can terminate any account they wish for whatever reasons they wish. You can appeal but you probably won't succeed. You should have your video files saved somewhere offline, so you can reupload, but some people do not save their descriptions each time they upload a new video. They just type them in straight into the description box and click upload and that would be the ONLY copy of their descriptions. Imagine the amount of work that would be lost if they had 250 videos and everything got wiped out... But if you can just extract the descriptions and back them up, you would be saved a lot of trouble. If you come to a time when you are forced to open a new channel and reupload, at least you don't have to RETYPE all the youtube video descriptions! And that is the purpose of learning how to backup your youtube video descriptions. This may not be the only way, but this is the only way that I have found to work so far [2015/10/17]. I hope this information is helpful!
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