Home-made Candied Jujubes

Jujubes are red dates of the Orient. Countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia eat and sell them. They can be prepared in a wide variety of ways and one very popular way is to turn them into Dried Candied Jujubes.

In a nutshell, candied jujubes are jujubes that are dried with sweeteners so that they can be eaten just like snacks. And to tell you the truth, they taste great. Commercial candied jujubes can be found in provision shops but there is just one problem about those. You see, those candied jujubes are processed using a ridiculously large amount refined sugar. This is needed to overcome the sour and bitter natural taste of raw jujubes. And consuming that much refined sugar is not good for health.

Home-made Dried Candied Jujubes

But my dad and I went our on way to make our own candied jujubes. The steps are as follows:
First, we washed the jujubes, and at the same time boil some water in a kettle. A pot of the boiled water is added with organic brown sugar and a tablespoon of brown rice powder. How much to add is up to you, but ideally, to get it to be very sweet, you need to add sugar of almost the same amount of the water you use. In our case, we did just that.

Next, we added the jujubes and let the whole thing simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, for 30 minutes. Then the mixture is let to Cool down, covered, and chilled overnight.

The next day we boiled the syrup and jujubes again and let them simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes. With a slotted spoon we lifted the jujubes from syrup and dried them in sun for about 2 to 3 days.

It is advisable to check the jujubes occasionally and poke them until they are quite hard.

After that, all was done. The jujubes were delicious. Below is a picture of the jujubes drying on my window sill.

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