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Hideo Itami / Kenta Kobayashi WWE Speed Art

Hideo Itami / Kenta Kobayashi WWE Speed Art

This is my speed art of Hideo Itami, also known as Kenta Kobayashi, his real name. Great guy with lots of great moves. Hideo Itami is a wrestler signed to WWE and is performing in NXT (2014/09/15). His real name is Kenta Kobayashi. He was a former amateur kickboxer, and therefore incorporates lots of kicks in his wrestling matches. Hideo Itami is dubbed the "International Sensation". He was a star in Pro Wrestling Noah and is a former GHC Heavyweight Champion.

Special Moves:
Busaiku he no Hizageri / Busaiku Knee Kick (Single leg running high knee, the one used by Daniel Bryan)
Game Over (Omoplata crossface, the Yes Lock used by Daniel Bryan)
Go 2 Sleep (also used by CM Punk)

GHC Heavyweight Champion
GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion
GHC Tag Team Champion
GHC Junior Tag Team Champion
Differ Cup

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