Help and How To

Help and How To

This is Josh Tam's "Help and How To" section. I have stumbled upon lots of problems and troubles throughout my work. You probably have too. Some of the problems prompted me to give up on the work in order to find different ways. But other problems I found solutions!

In this section, I would be posting the solutions that I found to various problems I encountered. Who knows, you might be facing the same problems that I am facing and therefore, you can avoid having to search high and low for the answer like I did.

I may post some tutorials, tips, tricks, strategies and skills that I have learned and gathered as well. The topics for my tutorials mostly include anything art, multimedia or music related. Sometimes, programming, computer software/hardware tips and health tips may also be posted. You can feel free to look around because you might find something useful that could help you solve some problems or improve yourself...
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