In my Videos page, I mentioned that I wanted to make movies, animations, TV series and videos. I found that the cost of entering this field was quite high for me. And along the way I also found out that I had a passion for playing games. Computer games, especially.

In the year 2005, in the advent of Macromedia Flash and flash games, I dove in. I found flash to be a very good tool to create animation and movies fast. But what I also found out was its ability to create games! Flash is able to create all sorts of games, from interactive applications and casual games to full-blown deep games. Of course, flash has its limitations, but still, the speed of production, with production costs considered, is really really fast compared to other methods of production. It really boils down to how the developer would use the tools he or she has to make games.

I used flash to create some flash games. Some successful, others not so. But with every game, I improved my skills, learned new techniques, expanded my library and obtained new ideas. Some of the popular games I have developed include Sabermania, Aevarrian coliseum 2, Armor Games Snowball Series, Final Slam series and Qublox. Unlike producing movies, making casual games like these seem to be a smoother path for me, with a lot less barriers to entry. And before I knew it I have finished over 50+ games and obtained 30+ awards from Newgrounds (up till now : 2015).

Right now (2015/2016), I am still occasionally developing Flash games. A lot of people say "Flash is dead". However, from my experience and observations, Flash is not dead [yet]. People have been saying "Flash is dead" for the past several years but still, Flash is still alive in many areas in the world. Mobile devices and mobile games have taken over a very huge chunk of market share from Flash. But NOT ALL the market share. In fact, some of my games released in 2013 and 2014 still register hundreds of plays a day. A huge factor depends on how your game is designed. There ARE still web portals with a huge audience for flash games. The visitors are visiting those portals with the sole intent to play web games and they don't care whether it's a Unity game or a HTML5 game or a flash game! Furthermore, Adobe is upgrading and releasing newer versions of Flash to cater for the ever-changing needs of the web; compiling apps for mobile and HTML5 and etc. I have a good mind to try my hand at making mobile games using Flash or any other tools at my disposal.

UPDATE (2017): Adobe has plans to totally remove support for Flash Player in the year 2020. Most browsers may stop supporting the flash plugin too. Old flash games will cease to be playable. Someone may write another non-flash html5 plugin to run flash swf files, but if that doesn't happen, the whole flash game market on the web will be useless. Flash or Animate will still be a useful tool for animations and multimedia and native-app development. I have looked into alternatives and have run into useful libraries such as IvanK and CreateJS. I also have written a small library that enables speedy development of multimedia apps using simple html dom elements! I have created an HTML5 game called "Webimon". Flash has made creating multimedia apps and games a breeze and if less and less developers abandon to embrace development tools with less output-to-effort ratio, I feel that it would be a shame. I have dedicated a huge chunk of my effort looking for the best possible workable pipeline that enables the fastest development of html5 apps using Flash and other tools or libraries.

Here are the posts about anything to do with my games development journey. Some games from circa 2005 are of course of a poorer quality compared to newer ones. I hope you enjoy my work, and thank you very much for having a look at what I have to showcase!
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