Game Development

So, let me tell you that developing multimedia and games is not easy. There are lots of stuff you need to know and experience, and there are lots of stuff that you need to go through, from start to finish.

The Beginning

Once I land a job, I need to get the requirements of the client. Some clients are fastidious and will demand for a lot. Once I get all that straightened out, I can get start work.

And then, the development

I start designing the game engine, game interface, game characters... you know, all that stuff. Sometimes I need to base the design on the specifications given to me.

Making it

Design is over, time to work on it. I need to draw my own graphics and I need to code my own programming. This is where experience and knowledge comes in. I have been working on Flash for several years now. Sometimes I still learn new things.

Testing it

When everything is done, I test out the application/game. If everything runs well, I show it to my client. He will then test it to see if it is what he requires. If not, then my headache will start for obvious reasons.

Wrapping Up

When everything is done in the end, the client will be given the final product and I can have a proper rest at night.

Nowadays, it is quite hard to find clients. There are lots of talented flash authors worldwide. Some even have the resources to do advanced stuff, like real-time multiplayer games or chat. They seem to have their own 24-hour server or something... sigh...
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