Folders Becoming Shortcut Ink Virus

Folders Becoming Shortcut Ink Virus

There is a very annoying virus from Indonesia that is quite dangerous. It makes your folders disappear, turning them into .ink shortcuts instead. The husband of my colleague encountered that virus some time back... and I got the solution. My colleague's husband encountered that virus. He plugged in his mobile storage device into someone else's computer and BAM! All his folders were gone, replaced by shortcuts of the same name. That virus actually converts whatever folders you have in your storage devices and turns them into shortcut icons (.ink files).

But then if you encounter this situation, do not panic! Your files are still there, not deleted. You can just use a simple way to get all your files back:

1. Click start > Run
2. Type: attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\\*.*
(But change g: to the drive letter of your device)
3. press enter
4. Wait for a while, around 2 minutes... and open the drive.
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