Fix for Microphone Detecting Speaker Sound

Fix for Microphone Detecting Speaker Sound

I found a fix for the Microphone Detecting Speaker Sound problem! I am using Windows 10, Desktop. This method worked for me. I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone, but it is worth a shot.

The problem: My old Windows 8 computer didn't do this. My new one, supposedly better, had this problem. I plugged in my microphone. I turned off the speakers. I used canalphones (small earbud headphones). The microphone should NOT pick up any of the computer windows sound, but it did.

Long story short, the Realtek Audio Driver's "Separate All Input Jacks as Independent Devices" didn't work too. Microphone still detecting the speaker audio feedback. What's worse, my Stereo Mix disappeared. I found that the problem was because of the jacks taken out from the motherboard audio interface to the front of the CPU. They are the cause of this problem. What did I do? Canalphones jack using the front output jack. External microphone jack using the one at the back of the CPU. Problem solved! Luckily, I have not run into a situation where I need to use both front jacks to listen to background audio and record a clear voice without background audio feedback...

I hope this solution can also work for you!
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