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Easycap is a USB video capture device. It is different from a VGA Box but it does about the same functions. The difference is that the VGA Box is connected directly to your computer monitor.I apologize for the picture quality. It was taken using my inferior Nokia phone camera.

This Easycap USB video capture device is connected to your laptop/CPU USB port. You need to be running your computer at the same time. The output from the composite cables will be input into windows and you will need to run some software like Windows Movie Maker, ULEAD Video Studio or Debut Video Software to obtain the signal. But it gives me the same function - to play video games on my laptop!

How is this better than the VGA Box? Well, since the signal goes into the computer/laptop''s windows, I can capture the gameplay videos and show my game pwnage on streaming video sites like Youtube!

I ran into a problem with the installation of Easycap though. There was no audio on my vista laptop and on my xp laptop as well. But when I eventually got the audio to come out, there was a buzzing static noise on the Easycap output. I solved the problem the next morning. How did I do it?

OK, now I will explain how I solved the audio problem. For the sound setting to work on Windows XP or Vista, you need to make sure that the selected audio capture device is the Easycap itself. There will be a few input devices on your PC, primarily the computer audio, microphone and the Easycap itself, when it is plugged in. OK, you need to configure the sound input on your capture software, for example your Ulead Video Studio. Make sure the input says USB Sound Device. Then you should be able to get the sound input from your Easycap into your PC or laptop.

As for the buzzing sound that I experienced, it is because of the Easycap device itself and has nothing to do with software/drivers/configurations or crap like that. I banged the easycap lightly and squeezed it a little, and the buzzing static noise disappeared. Perhaps if you experience this kind of noise it is because you are unlucky and got an Easycap of a poorer quality.

Now I am having so much fun playing PS2 on my laptops thanks to Easycap Video Capture.

[Update 1]
I received an email from a guy who had problems installing the Easycap DC60 driver. I never experienced any driver installation problems, but then I stumbled upon a site called Ashleighs Dump that provides step-by-step instructions on how to get around the driver-installation problem here.

[Update 2] Another way to get a great sound is to NOT use easycap for the sound input. Input the images using easycap but connect both red and white jacks into a single combiner jack that will go into your computer's line in port!
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