Donald Trump Predicted To Win Presidency

Donald Trump Predicted To Win Presidency

I predict Donald Trump will win and become the next US President! How? Why?

This is based on my years of experience and knowledge on determining what will turn out as a winner and what will not. I've had my fair share of hits and misses, and I learned from them.

You see, the moment Trump announced he was gonna run as president, I had a hunch he would do very well and win. Why? This was based on the fact that a lot of people know him. He was the host of "The Apprentice" that was watched by a lot of people world wide. This alone gave him a jumpstart in publicity. But what has that got to do with politics? Not much if you think of it. But if you think longer, a lot of things. People vote for people they know. They know Trump from the TV show. Some even grew up watching him. His opponents didn't have this! Sure, some say they will do research on who they are voting for, but most of the commonfolk don't! But still, it was too hard to tell.

Next, there was this buzz before the primary elections. I checked on Google Trends. The most searched candidate was Trump!! 95%!! The other 5% were Bush, Carson, Clinton, etc... So almost EVERYONE was searching for him. Another kickstart in publicity! From my experience, the product or person or service or anything, with a lot of publicity always wins. Even bad publicity. The media and the Internet were trying to make fun of him and make him look like a joke. According to a lot of Internet users, the mainstream media companies who are backers of the Democrats would of course try their best to serve the biased news. But the bad Trump publicity just backfired. If a lot more people get to know you for a bad reputation, it will mean a lot more people will check you out (and maybe find out you are not so bad after all) as opposed to if no one cares about you. Quoting the words of a redditor on a Trump supporters subreddit:

"That's exactly the way I see it. If Trump had no chance, why keep reminding us of it? I didn't intend to support Trump, but the media kept drawing attention to how hopeless he was I had to check it out. Look at me now."

At this moment, I was sure Trump was going to win this thing. The more bad publicity, the more Trump will dominate. Events supporting my opinion just kept appearing. One by one, his opponents in the Republican party got eliminated. Until it was him, Ted Cruz and Kasich. Like the old saying: Bad publicity is better than no publicity. A lot of polls said Trump will never take nomination. And they said Rubio or Cruz or whoever would take it. But in the end, Trump won in a landslide, spending only a quarter of the funds spent by his opponents, he claimed. How was that even possible?? I can actually relate to that. I grew up poor. Everything I wanted, I couldn't get and I had to find diversity or I had to create or build myself. Because of that I had to find good and cheap ways to do that, resulting in my acquisition of various skills. If you have good skills, you will know how to do things without spending a fortune. I bet Trump knows how to do this too!

I am confident that he will win and become the next president. Not 100% sure on this prediction, but confident, from my personal judgment. Apart from Trump's publicity, other reasons for my prediction is the fact that Trump resonates with the people with his speeches and what he says. When he gets interviewed, it really feels like he knows what he is talking about, and he knows how to fix things and he will do it, and he just needs to become president. Compared to Hillary Clinton's speeches. Listening to Clinton, I feel like she is very unnatural and her points seem superficial to me. America will have more jobs, clean energy, bla bla bla. Then she goes on the attack on Trump, saying Trump is fooling everyone that America is not great. It is almost like common knowledge that America is failing. At least it is what the Americans are saying. Or at least they feel there are lots of issues that need fixing. But Clinton chose to not talk much about it. And chose to focus on how "qualified" she is as president, and how "unqualified" Trump is. And then, repeating the glorifying words such as "Strong Nation", "Great Country", "Let us Unite"... To me, Trump has more substance compared to Clinton. Furthermore, Clinton has scandals on Emails, Benghazi, and cover-ups. Some Americans think she should be in jail. To me, it seems everything is in favor of Trump!

And again, judging from Youtube video likes and dislikes. [2016-6-13] The new pro-Trump videos I see have more likes than dislikes. The new pro-Hillary videos have more dislikes than likes. And with moderated comments.

However, [2016-6-13] UK betting sides set the odds 67% Hillary and 17% Trump. Fox website polls say Hillary is leading. All major mainstream stuff say Hillary will win in a landslide. I see comments here and there saying Trump is just great for TV and publicity and is not qualified at all for the white house. His Trump wall idea is nuts, they say. And it is hard for Trump to "swing" democratic states in his favor. From what I see, and from the reasons I discussed above, Trump should be obtaining presidency. The only way he won't is if something happens before he becomes president. For example, something bad which I won't say, or someone disqualifies him somehow for some reason, or something unthinkable. If not, it's gonna be President Trump!

I'm not the only one... this Professor predicts it too!

Limbaugh, Adams and Dan Spencer also say something similar.

I will anxiously await November 9 (my Birthday) to see if I am right...
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