Dating vs Online Gaming

The popularity of Online Games have taken an exponential leap and has gone really high up. We have lots of online games that can be multiplayer, with tick-based, real-time, turn based... And many genres such as strategy, first-person...

However, online dating is also rising, and it has been rising since the dawn of the Internet. Even before the boom of online gaming. As you know, there are lots of geeks nowadays who stay at home and do not socialize. But these geeks are h0rn1 sometimes and they want to find love. So what do they do? Online dating sites help them get what they want. They can search for people like them who are also looking for Internet love and they pair up. There are many instances around the world where people get married to a person they found from online dating sites!

What about online dating games? Well... I''d be looking into that...
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