Computer Fan Suddenly Very Loud

Computer Fan Suddenly Very Loud

Computer Fan Suddenly Very Loud. Like a vacuum cleaner. It was on an old Acer Aspire CPU. The fan is the motherboard fan, and not the power supply fan. And it came with a cone. More or less like a big DSLR lens. I actually did nothing different on that computer in particular. I searched the Internet for answers, and I read about:
  • When you're using intensive applications such as playing games, rendering 3D, the processor is going to heat up and the fan will speed up. But that was not the case because the moment I started up my computer, it was like that already.
  • The fan is set to manual control. The auto speed is busted or something. Well, I downloaded and tried SpeedFan software, but did not help. It couldn't access the fans to change the speeds of the fans...
  • The processor needs more thermal paste. - I have no experience doing this, so I assumed that this is not the case while searching for other answers.
What happened next? How did I solve this problem? Read on...
Computer Fan Suddenly Very Loud
In the end, I got it to work. I got the damn motherboard fan to return to its original speed. Some clues I got was that the Speedfan program actually registered the fan speed at 7000RPM which was correct, judging by the sound made by the fan. But it listed the CPU as hot, around 60 degrees Celsius. Which was wrong in my opinion. Further testing brought me to the CMOS setup. This is the blue screen where you get to adjust settings such as boot order, power management, etc... Somehow, I noticed that my computer clock would reset to a time way in the past every time I switched the computer on. This was a clue telling me the motherboard battery is dead. I thought it might be the cause for this. I bought a new battery, fixed it in and voila?? No. Still the same. Feeling disappointed, with the new battery in place, I did not give up. This problem that is making the computer fan suddenly becoming very loud, is starting to annoy me. In the end, I found out that sometimes the CMOS jumper needs to be reset for changes like this to kick in. I did the jumper reset*, and then... problem solved. CPU clock didn't rewind back to the past and the fan stayed at below 3000RPM!!

* In my case, doing the jumper reset was pulling some jumper plug out and then switching on the computer (nothing happens), then putting it back in and switching it on again. I am not a certified technician although I maybe somewhat experienced in this kind of problem-solving via Google search. Jumper reset procedures for each CPU may vary from model to model.

Summary of my solution to the Computer Fan Suddenly Becoming Very Loud Problem:
  • I guessed that the motherboard battery was phut based on the "coincidental" time reset problem
  • Changed the battery
  • Reset CMOS Jumper
  • Reconfigure clock and CMOS Settings (Press del to enter setup or something like that)
If you are having the loud fan problem, this might or might not be your case. Especially if your clock is perfectly normal. Anyways, I hope this has been of help to you.
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