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Camtasia failed. With Windows 7, the disable hardware acceleration option did not take effect. Camtasia new version failed as well. It captured the video smoothly but there were audio sync issues. I downloaded free Camstudio instead. But I had to do a lot of tweaking but finally I got a nice setting for fullscreen capture... I am using this setting for recording flash swf to avi. (with audio/music)

Options > Audio Options > Audio Options for Microphone
Change to Stereo Mix and format: 44.1k stereo 16 bit (good quality)
Choose compression method: Lame MP3
This needs to be done every time you start Camstudio!

Options > Video Options
Use Intel YUV codec and the other settings are 24 41 24.
Intel YUV is hard to work with so you might want to use DivX or Xvid or techsmith codec if you have it. But Intel YUV is smoother from my testing. So after capturing, you will need to convert the video using another program like Avidemus or any video converter.

Options > Program Options > Directory for Saving
And name your directory...
And then Options > Program Options > Name of AVI File > Ask for name

And that''s it. The filesize of the output video will be quite huge but that will not be a problem if you convert it using Any Video Converter. Also it seems that sometimes there will be sync issues as well... you will need to use avidemux or virtualdub to fix the framerate. So if that is the case, you will need to use avidemux or virtualdub to adjust the framerate up if the video is slower than the audio and adjust the framerate down if the video is faster than the audio.

Use any video converter to convert the raw captured video. Convert to 24fps. Then export that output using avidemux but change the framerate higher if video is slower and lower if video is faster. +/- around 0.5 fps. For a longer movie, the value will be less. Maybe 0.2 fps... This is because there is no telling the exact difference in fps. So maybe 0.5 is quite accurate but still not exact. If the movie is long, the sync problem will still show toward the middle or the end...
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