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Benjamin Franklin and other Digital Art

Benjamin Franklin and other Digital Art

Here is a small mini gallery of some of my miscellaneous artwork. Including some avatars that I used to use and also Benjamin Franklin, one of the most frequently printed guy in history!

Benjamin Franklin Digital Art
Benjamin Franklin! Very quick painting using vector brushes.

Asura Digital Art
A picture of an Asura (supposedly). An Asura is a dark deity in Indian/Buddhist mythology. This was actually drawn on paper in low resolution and scanned and digitized and colored digitally...

Apek Artwork Old Man
Apek art. Apek in Hokkien and Malay is a word used to address male senior citizens.

Blonde Girl with Short Hair Anime Art
Blonde Girl with short hair. In the end, I converted her into one of Ashtar's assistants in Aliencyclopedia Episode 7 - The Arcturians.

Shades Guy Anime Manga (X Japan / Linked Horizon)
A random anime shades guy that is of the style of Toshi from X Japan or Revo from Linked Horizon. But not quite the same. Just a bit similar.

Aboromon the Fire Monster pixel art
This fire monster is called "Aboromon". I don't have any plans for him yet. But well, he's a fire monster. He can withstand a lot of heat, and he is about 5 stories tall!
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