BEE Calc - The Boolean Expression Evaluator Calculator

BEE Calc - The Boolean Expression Evaluator Calculator

Welcome to the Boolean Expression Evaluator (BEE Calc)! What this is for:

Most of the time, in discrete mathematics class and computer systems class, we gotta evaluate and simplify boolean algebraic expressions such as A+BC=AB+BC+ABC and see if it is true or false. Sometimes we are required to prove it. Well. It is a hard task. You have to remember the Laws like Identity Law, De Morgan's Law, Redundancy Law, Associate, Distributive bla bla bla.

What is worse is that if you are given a long equation and you have to simplify it, how do you know whether your simplified version is correct? That is why I came up with this little Javascript Program : The BEE Calc (Boolean Expression Evaluator Calculator).

All you do is you input the boolean expressions and click Evaluate. You will get the truth table together with the evaluation whether the first expression is equal to the second. It can support up to 4 variables : a, b, c and d. Have fun!

If you have problems using it, please feel free to contact me at jtdispagma-{at}-gmail-{dot}-com but it should not be hard to use.

If somehow the above calculator does not display correctly, use the Full page version Boolean Expression Calculator
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