Batman V Superman Synopsis Spoiler

Batman V Superman Synopsis Spoiler

This is my Batman versus Superman synopsis (spoiler). I used short forms such as Wonda for Wonder Woman and Sup for Superman.

UPDATE: Video version of the synopsis

Batman Vs Superman Spoiler Synopsis
Image credit : DC / Warner Brothers

I typed this right after I watched the movie in the theatres, so that I can remember what I watched after many many years, without rewatching. So coming from my memory, some parts may not be very complete/accurate. But here goes:

Lois interviewing terrorists in Africa and gets rescued by Sup
Wayne unhappy about the destruction caused by Krypton people
World Engine scene with Sup battling Zod
A guy loses his legs
Sup makes out with Lois

Bat tortures people to get info on villain boss.
Sup doesn't approve.

A lot of debate about whether Sup is good or bad for the whole world.
Legless guy climbing up to spray False God on Sup's statue.

Luthor asks for access to the kryptonian ship and General Zod.
Kryptonite obtained from Indian Ocean
Luthor explains about Kryptonite
Wayne attends Luthor's party and meets Wonda
Wonda says she wants to retrieve her old pic
Wayne hacks into Luthor's system and finds picture of 1918 Wonda

Bat wants to steal kryptonite from Luthor
He fights thugs in a street car fight, runs into Sup.
Sup spares him. Sup thinks Bat should stop

Some people think Sup needs to be controlled.
A meeting is arranged to talk to Sup in the US capitol.
It gets bombed, Sup does not want to appear after that.

It is found out that the Africa terrorist incident was staged by
Luthor (special bullet as evidence)
Luthor obtains info from the watery ship, then uses Zod's body
combined with his blood to create a new monster
Luthor pushes Lois down the building, saved by Sup
Luthor gets Sup to kill Bat or else Martha dies
He says if God is almighty then He is not all good. If He is all good then he is not almighty.
Sup goes to fight Bat but Bat uses gadgets and kryptonite gas to gain advantage.
In the building, gas wears out and Sup gains strength.
But Bat hits another gas shot.
kryptonite spear about to kill Sup...
Save Martha
Lois comes
they discuss about Luthor
Bat goes to save Martha, (cape)
Sup confronts Luthor, monster released. Somewhat like Kilowog.
they fight monster with Wonda
hard to destroy it, send to space, nuke it
Sup also nuked but regenerates
monster gets stronger
only kryptonite spear can kill it
Lois tries retrieve spear from water and drowns.
Sup rescues her and retrieves spear himself
He flies to pierce it into the monster.
Monster pierces Sup.
Both die.
Funeral for Sup and Clark
Bat asks Wonda to join up and gather all superheroes
Luthor gets a haircut in prison
Bat visits Luthor and threatens to stamp him
Luthor says the bell has been rung and they are notified. Ding ding ding...
Sand poured on Sup's coffin floats

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