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Avatarcoder Application

Avatarcoder Application

Avatarcoder is finally completed. It is an application that lets you create your own avatar for facebook, forums, instant-messaging, google account, yahoo... anything.

I developed the core of Avatarcoder back in 2007 but now it got revamped with usability features. Most importantly, there is the ability to export to jpeg image using the power of Flash Actionscript 3.

Other strengths of Avatarcoder include the uniqueness of the Avatars created, meaning that the avatars can look really different unlike others like Yahoo avatars. And I believe another interesting aspect is that Avatarcoder does not need to load the avatar parts so you do not need to wait for the hair/mouth/face/eye parts to load and load and load before selecting them. Everything is preloaded so you can create avatars quickly.

Create your Avatar now on:
Avatarcoder Official Site or
Avatarcoder Facebook Application
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