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I have drawn and produced a wide range of different types of artwork. In the Josh Tam Universe, you can find 2D and 3D art of many genres such as cartoons, anime, book covers, flat-shade, high contrast, 3D logos, game art and even 3D characters. Scroll Down to check them out!

2D Art:

3D Art:

I have been drawing pictures since I was around 2 years old. My parents, family, teachers and friends have said that I have a natural artistic skill. However, as I got older I often found things that I could not draw well, and I would study those things. I would also research on drawing techniques to draw better and faster.

A huge percentage of my portfolio comprises artwork. I do various kinds of art. From quick and dirty artwork to detailed 3D renderings. I mostly do in-game artwork but I also do hand-drawn art and web design. Actually most of the work I do involve some kind of art.

Are you looking to have some artwork done? Do you want me to draw stuff for you or for your project??

Email for more info: [ jtdispagma at gmail dot com ]
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