Affordable Video Production Services by Josh Tam

Affordable Video Production Services by Josh Tam

Do you need Affordable Animated Video Production Services? NO MORE spending thousands for animation and videos.
Email for more info: [ jtdispagma at gmail dot com ]
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I can produce different kinds of videos that are mostly animations or special effects. From simple animations, logos, slideshows, to anime/cartoons mini series. I've been making animation and videos for many years.

Josh Tam Showcase

What can you expect?? Let's have a look!

High Complexity Animated:
Book Promo Trailer:
Medium Complexity Documentary:
Anime Style:
Music Video Low Budget:
Cute Monster/Pet Animation (Game):
Pikachu 2D Low Budget:
Sketch Animation (Power of Manifestation):
Music Video Intro Anime Style:
Low Budget Slideshow (Batman v Superman):
Low Budget Slideshow (Frozen):
Text Animation:
Simpler Image Video with Text:
Logo Intro Animation with Effects:
Logo Intro Animation with Effects 2:
3D Logo Animations:

Josh Tam Prices

[[[ Starting from $50 to $500 per minute of video ]]]

Let me elaborate on the above. How affordable are my animated video services? Well, depending on the required quality and complexity, you can expect my price to start from just $50 per video or $50 per minute of video if you only require something simple. (Note: $50 is my minimum price though) Of course, my pricing may increase to $100, $200, $500 or higher if you need more effects, more content and more elements in the video. For some people, they just need a simple video with minimal fancy stuff, just to explain or promote certain products or ideas, but cannot find a studio who would quote them an affordable price for simpler animation work. This is where I come in.

I do not shoot live footage though. But I can work with them, if you provide them. If you already have a lot of footage and you need me to do a video "compilation" instead, with some minor effects, my pricing can go even cheaper.

So, do you have an Idea for a Video/Animation and want it MATERIALIZED?

Just contact me for more details, to get a quote:
Email: [ jtdispagma at gmail dot com ]
Facebook Message: Business | Personal
And we can discuss about your video project!
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