I am Josh Tam. Welcome to the Josh Tam official site. Welcome to the Josh Tam Universe. Here, you can find the animations and videos I produced, the games I made, the artwork I drew, the music I composed and arranged, and the miscellaneous creations conceived within my mind.
Josh Tam
You can call this the Josh Tam portfolio. Have you come to view and experience my works and productions? Or have you come from a link you found from one of my works you stumbled upon online? Or have you come to acquire some of my services? Or have you come to find out more information about me?

Either way, you will find what you are looking for right here, on WWW.JOSHTAM.NET - The Josh Tam Universe. Biodata. Videos. Artwork. Games. Music. Writings. Creations. In fact, you can access my galleries and videos right away:
Josh Tam 3D and 2D Galleries (Flickr)
Josh Tam 2D on 23
Josh Tam 3D on 23
Josh Tam on A Minus 3
Josh Tam X Youtube Channnel

Besides doing art, videos, music and games, and also ocassionally doing web design/programming/development, I have another pastime which is doing research and observations on various topics. The bizarre thing is that I have found that often topics that have no connection whatsoever are somewhat related! I write about my findings wherever appropriate and whenever I have the chance.

Are you interested in acquiring the information that I have learned? I also enjoy sharing my findings to people. I enjoy helping people have a better experience. Help people avoid mistakes that I made. To succeed faster!


I'm not some super guru or expert. I'm not a billionaire or a millionaire or a saint or an inspirational coach or some big shot business man. I started out as just a normal average guy just like many other people. Below average, actually. But the thing is, I like to learn stuff. Deep stuff that works. I had to. I still have to.

Going to high school, college and University and even online, I have found out that a lot of the things taught are mostly generic (not all, fortunately). And they lack the necessary catalyst to succeed. And what's worse, they don't teach the necessary real-world concepts. So I thought, "Well, it is up to me to find out for myself!".

So I found a lot of "secrets". Things that are of the utmost importance in a certain field or topic, but are left out by the teachers (articles/courses/videos) for certain reasons. That is why I call them the catalyst. They will be the initiator of change! Every time I discover a new secret or a potential untested secret, I get really excited! Often through self observation, testing, trial-and-error, self research and experience; NOT through direct external information sources. But why? What is so powerful about the catalyst? They are often unconventional, and when I find a secret, and I use it or test it out in any particular field, it can always:
  • Make a drastic change, good or bad
  • Make me start to see progress!
  • Make things work.
  • Speed up work, speed up processes
  • Make things worth doing.
The knowledge I learned is put into good use in producing the various works that currently fill the Josh Tam Universe! You too can benefit from my findings. I will be creating videos and courses whenever possible. And I am also offering my services at reasonable and affordable prices!

Please use the links on the top and right of the site to browse around and navigate this site! Feel free to contact me Enjoy your time in the Josh Tam Universe.

~ Josh Tam
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