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Welcome to my official blog and portfolio site. I am Josh Tam. I do Multimedia : Digital Art, Videos, Games, Design and Music. I make games, I produce animations, I draw stuff, I compose music, I write books, I do 3D modeling and I even design T-shirts! And I also research a lot of things regarding a wide range of topics. The bizarre thing is that I have found that often topics that have no connection whatsoever are somewhat related!

This site contains information on the biodata of me (Josh Tam), my writings, as well as a showcase of my previous and current work. My extended galleries are at:
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Are you interested in acquiring the information that I have learned? I also enjoy sharing my findings to people. I like to reveal the truth to people. Help people have a better experience. Help people avoid mistakes that I made. To succeed faster!


I'm not some super guru or expert. I'm not a billionaire or a millionaire or a saint or an inspirational coach or some big shot business man. I'm just a normal average guy just like many other people. But the thing is, I like to learn stuff. Deep stuff that works.

Going to high school, college and University and even online, I have found out that a lot of the things taught are mostly generic. And they lack the necessary catalyst to succeed. And what's worse, they don't teach the necessary real-world concepts. So I thought, "Well, it is up to me to find out for myself!".

So I found a lot of "secrets". Things that are of the utmost importance in a certain field or topic, but are left out by the teachers (articles/courses/videos) for certain reasons. That is why I call them the catalyst. They will be the initiator of change! Every time I discover a new secret or a potential untested secret, I get really excited! Often through self observation, testing, trial-and-error, self research and experience; NOT through direct external information sources. But why? What is so powerful about the catalyst? They are often unconventional, and when I find a secret, and I use it or test it out in any particular field, it can always:
  • Make a drastic change, good or bad
  • Make me start to see progress!
  • Make things work.
  • Speed up work, speed up processes
  • Make things worth doing.
The very reasons secrets are not going to be taught to you by masters or gurus. In a lot of fields, everyone is competing with one another. So when more people know the secrets, the less each person will benefit from their endeavors. Examples of the knowledge with secrets that I found and acquired are:
  • Speed Art Secrets - Creating Digital Art in a fraction of the Usual Time Spent
  • Effective Marketing Material Promotion (Years of Experience in Low-Budget Game Promotion)
  • How to Master Music and get a loud song without a studio!
  • The Secret To Adding the Air and Brightness In Audio
  • Theory of the Spectrum
  • The Real Secret of the Law of Attraction
  • And a lot more!


I will be creating videos and courses for these topics. I have found that this information to be extremely helpful in my life, and I would very much like to share it with as many interested people as possible. You will have a better chance when you pursue the same roads as I did. You will have a better chance when you pursue different roads, if you understand important underlying principals and concepts. You will have a smoother and faster journey by avoiding the mistakes I made, and by knowing all the necessary secrets! You will not need to spend (or waste) time and effort trying to discover the secrets yourself!

One final word is a quote from myself: "Knowledge is Power but Understanding is Knowledge." -Josh Tam. Life is limited, and you can only gather so much knowledge. But if you have understanding of concepts and theories, you may not need to gather a lot of knowledge to know a lot of things. You can have the power to predict future events at a higher accuracy!

With an open mind and the understanding of important concepts, anything is possible!


Thank you and enjoy your visit to the Josh Tam Official Site. Most of my work can be found on this site via the links above, and on my Youtube Channel: Josh Tam X Youtube Channnel

Please use the links on the top and right of the site to browse around and navigate this site! ~ Josh Tam
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