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This is the Josh Tam 3D Art Section! A showcase of the 3D work I have done, including 3D backgrounds, 3D renders and 3D objects.

I started learning 3D back in high school. I was using a program called Pixel3D. I created some simple objects but that was it. I had no intention of exploring deeper into 3D art. But later, I started playing Counter Strike, the old Half-Life mod. And I started making maps. And that was when I learned more about 3D. I even made mods of the existing Counterstrike models. I turned them into Ultramen. Imagine Ultraman inside counter strike. I couldn't find those obj files anymore, sadly. I was using Milkshape software at that time and was having a blast.

Then in college, I took a subject in 3D modeling. It was pretty basic, but I learned a lot from my own studies. I was able to make simple models but were not that good yet. You can see some of them in my earlier 3D art postings. I dabbled with Swift3D to create vector 3D stuff in Adobe (Macromedia) Flash. But I left 3D to venture into other stuff such as getting a University Degree, creating more games and other undertakings. It was until the year 2015 that I truly broke the barrier of 3D. I learned about various kinds of modeling techniques to create higher-complexity models from scratch. I have created some sort of a 3D library with worlds, scenes, frequently-used objects and effects. I also learned more about 3D animation, and I successfully created rigged human models that can be animated. But most importantly, I created a unique personal 3D creation pipeline that I can use to create 3D stuff - stills or animations - fast with various styles (realistic, mockup or cartoon).

This section contains the 3D still art that I have done. Please note that 3D animations can be found in the Videos section instead. I hope you enjoy my work, and thank you very much for having a look at what I have to showcase!
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