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2012 Games by Josh Tam

2012 Games by Josh Tam

The 4 games that I made in 2012!

Webol Kingdom

Webol Kingdom Flash Game
The territories of Planet Webol ruled by the Fox Kingdom is being overthrown by the Chrows. Shoot the fox ball and hit the Chrow Pods to convert them to Fox Pods. Solve levels of puzzle and regain Planet Webol for the Fox Kingdom!

XMas Penguin Killer

XMas Penguin Killer game
Santa Claus made some dangerous weapons and now he wants to test them out on the Penguins in the South Pole! Time to paint the snow red. XMas Penguin Killer is an action flash game featuring Santa's powerful weapon-testing session in the South Pole. He just set up a base there and the angry penguins have arrived. Kill the penguins before they invade the base and deplete the base energy bar! Altogether 15 levels of blood.

Click on the screen with the mouse to fire the weapon.
Select weapons quickly, using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys on the keyboard.
Hover mouse over Baby Penguins to capture them and restore base energy!

More weapons will be available as you level up. The weapons are:
1 - Snowdrop - Snow made of a powerful dense heavy element!
2 - Stalac Gun - Damage is smaller, but shoots faster.
3 - Snowbomb - Explodes, with higher damage but longer charging time
4 - Poison Smoke - Penguins that come in contact with the smoke will be weakened so you can kill them easily with other weapons.
5 - Whirlwind - Moves about the screen and destroys everything in its path!

As some people have suggested, you can just click until you die. If you approach any game using this mentality, of course, you will feel bored no matter how good the game is. Another way to play XMas Penguin Killer is to use different methods to kill the penguins. Different weapons have different properties and abilities. You can find ways to know where to click (positioning), when to click (timing) and when to use which weapon on which type of penguin. Then it will not be a matter of when you die, but instead, how long you can survive!

Christmas Difference Finder

Christmas Difference Finder - Differences Game
Christmas Difference Finder is a differences flash game with 6 levels of flash vector images. Just click on the difference that you find. Find all differences to complete each level. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Present Eater

Christmas Game Present Eater
During this Christmas season, eat all the presents you can with the Present Eater! Using A/D or Left/Right Arrow keys, aim the present eater and Launch it using Space bar! You can still use A/D or Left/Right to control it. Each launch, you will produce a clone. Eat the presents, avoid your own clones. Also avoid Bombs!

Note: I challenged myself to finish a game in a day. I failed... this took 30 hours, due to some technical debugging. :-(

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