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Thank you for visiting the official website of Josh Tam. I am Josh Tam, a casual game developer, online entrepreneur, artist, musician, author and the creator of Paranormal, mystery and alien video series such as Aliencyclopedia. I have been self-employed for many years. I draw stuff. I like to learn new things, especially lesser-known secrets. I investigate and research stuff related to various topics such as world issues, how stuff works, why things are, how to make money, Paranormal, UFO's, aliens, ghosts, spiritual knowledge, mysteries, esoteric, conspiracies, theories and secrets. And the best thing is that I also find out how everything is connected! Besides that, I also draw pictures, create designs, make videos, compose music, produce animation and develop games. Most of all, I have created the Josh Tam Universe, which is not just a website, and not just a term. It is the ultimate collection of my works and creations under one single identity.


About Me, Josh Tam

I am an enthusiast in art, music, making money online, paranormal stuff and UFOlogy, and an author. I also have experience in game development and web programming such as PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML. This website hosts the variety of works made by me, including an not limited to art, designs, videos, music, programming knowledge and paranormal/alien findings. I am also the creator of web series such as Aliencyclopedia. I have dabbled in lots of fields such as Indie Game Development, Web development (from design and programming to hosting and SEO), digital art, 3D art, video editing, animation, T-shirt designing, social media marketing, music production, sound engineering, Forex and Feng Shui.


What You Can Expect from the Josh Tam Universe :

Here, in the Josh Tam Universe, you can find a showcase of my video and animation productions, art, games, mysteries, spirituality, quotes, and music. This website will be updated with new content from time to time as they come! So, remember to check back to the "Josh Tam Universe" WWW.JOSHTAM.NET to get updates! You can follow me on my social media accounts as well!

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