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This is Josh Tam's official website! I am a freelance digital artist and musician. This website will contain my portfolio, opinions and other stuff!

Resizing Multiple Pictures in Microsoft Word

I wanted to print multiple pictures using Microsoft Word. But open dragging and dropping the picture files into Microsoft Word, I found that all of them were too big, so I had to resize them. But then I could not multiple-select those pictures to resize them at once. Shift-click or control-click did not work. So I had to resize them one by one.

But no! I thought to myself, "I will NOT lose to Microsoft Office! After digging through the Internet and Google, I found solutions like using macros, creating box shapes and inserting the pictures in, using an external graphics-editing software to bulk-resize and using the repeat button. Most of the solutions above either did not work, or did not work on the Word version I was using (2007) or was not feasible. I wanted to resize the pictures FAST!

In the end, did I find the solution? You betcha. First, I opened Microsoft Excel 2007. I used Import to get all the pictures into the spreadsheet and by default, all pictures would be selected! Then I resized them ALL AT ONCE in Excel. When I was comfortable with the size, I used Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V in MS Word. Voila! And sometimes I found that the size was still not right. So I just hit undo in Word to remove all pictures, went back to Excel to resize more and then copied and pasted the pictures to Word again.

Buzzing Sound from Speakers when Mouse is Moved

There was this damn buzzing sound from my speakers and when I move my mouse, there is another different high-pitched buzzing.
I had a little problem. Or perhaps big. There was this damn buzzing sound from my speakers and when I move my mouse, there is another different high-pitched buzzing. It might not have seemed much but it would drive me nuts. I tried unplugging and re-plugging the jack. Probably something went wrong there. But no luck. Online solutions include: muting line-in (didn't work), removing ground wire or something due to...

Created on 2013-07-25 02:07:35 | Modified on 2013-07-25 02:07:35 | 1758 Hits

Martial Arts Hall Background Art

Vector Art of a Wushu Martial Arts hall. This was drawn under two hours.
This vector art Martial Arts Wushu hall is drawn as the background for one of my games. It looks like a raster image though. But the actual source is vector and can be exported to different sizes. ...

Created on 2013-07-04 02:47:02 | Modified on 2013-07-04 02:58:34 | 2046 Hits

Two Faces of Nature

Hand-drawn art, depecting the yin and yang or dark and light of existence. Two Faces of Nature!
Two Faces of Nature is a color pencil art drawn by me. There is a tree with two faces. One happy and one sad. And on the sad side, plants are dead and the sky is dark. On the happy side, everything is vibrant. Does the tree mean something? Is the tree the cause of the duality? That is for your imagination to fill in. ...

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Josh Tam RSS Orb Josh Tam RSS Orb Welcome Welcome to! I provide Art, Music and Multimedia services. This is my website which showcases my portfolio as well as my opinions on matters professionally, worldly and unworldly. Enjoy your stay!

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